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Five Ways To Become A Slots Winner

Slots are fun. And that’s the main reason you should be playing them. But at the same time, there are definitely a few ways you can increase the chance you’ll win online slots.

In this guide, we’ll give you an overview of things everyone should keep in mind. From long-timers to beginners, take note of these tips and get ready to win online slots payouts in your next session. There’s something for everyone here for sure.

This of course doesn’t guarantee you’ll win online slots. They are random, after all. But it will help to minimise losses for sure. And make sure you’re having more fun with every spin of the reel. That’s a win in our books.

New player? Familiarise yourself with welcome offers

When you’re new at an online casino, you can get excited to get into the action. But wait a second and take a look around the site. Your first port of call should be any loyalty programmes and, of course, new player promotions. Whether or not you win any online slots payouts, you’ll end up in a better position overall than if you didn’t sign up.

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Don’t be afraid to get help

The first trick in your journey to win online slots is to know what you’re up against. When you browse through the list of slots games you can play at your online casino of choice, open a few that take your fancy.

Then the first thing you should do is press the Help or Info button. That’ll let you know what the payouts are, what features it has and, crucially, what the return-to-player percentage is. This can let you know what to expect as you play. It’s the best way of future-proofing your playing experience.

Budget, budget, budget

At Slots Call, we’re proud to call ourselves responsible slots fans. We know that it’s easy to get carried away and lose more than you were expecting. Some people can end up spending more time than they would like at the reels. All these things are bad and you need to avoid it.

The best way of doing that is deciding on a few financial things before you sit down to play. First off, set a daily or weekly budget, depending on how often you play. This should be an amount that you’re (relatively) happy to lose. If you lose it all, your life shouldn’t be negatively affected. That means big things like bills and mortgage repayments, but also small things like going out and socialising with your friends.

At the same time, you should set a time limit. We love slots, but we do not want to become the kind of person who’s so consumed by them you can’t think about anything else. Because then we’d be very boring.

Once you know those things, figure out how much you want to spend per spin. If you want a lengthier session, your spin should be cheaper. If you’re dealing with a heftier budget in a short time, you can indulge in the upper limits of spin costs.

Know when to cash out

This should not come as a big surprise: casinos are designed to make money. Even the most responsible and fair online casinos profit from their players. They’ve got to or else they wouldn’t exist and that would be sad.

If you want to win online slots overall in your session, what you have to do is keep ahead of the curve. Figure out how much you’d be happy with winning in each day or week. And be realistic. Of course, we all want to turn a £0.10 into a £1,000 but that’s not very likely.

Instead pick a figure that is realistic. Perhaps you want to turn your £10 daily slots budget into £15? In that case, when you reach £15, simply cash out. That’ll decrease your chances of losing all the extra cash you’ve racked up.

Are you more likely to win online slots that are hot?

We’re going to be very honest with you here. There’s a lot of talk about hot slots in the online casino slot community. These are machines that haven’t paid out in a relatively long time and, some would say, are due to pay out soon.

But slots are random, The chances of winning a spin on a hot slot versus a so-called cold slot are pretty much the same, as long as the RTP percentages are comparable.

Of course, if it’s a progressive, it means that the jackpot is likely to be larger, so in that case if you win you’ll get a bigger payout. So that’s a draw for sure. But it’s still not a recipe for success. What comes up must come down, but it’s still hard to predict when that’ll be.


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