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What Is The Difference Between Standard, Jackpot And Progressive Jackpot Slots?

The dream of every slot gamer is to play a slot game and land the biggest prize available on the slot. Actual top prize jackpots on any slot game are generally pretty rare, after all casinos don’t want a slot that pays out top dollar too often as it quickly becomes uneconomical for them to offer for play.

However, there are now a number of different types of jackpot available on modern slot games. There’s the standard jackpot prize, there is also a stated jackpot prize and also perhaps most excitingly of all progressive jackpot prizes.

So, what are these different jackpot prizes, how are they different, what games can I play to see the different jackpot types available? All will be revealed in this article!

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The easiest way to do this is to define what each type of slot jackpot is and as we work our way through, explain the differences between them. The differences are not huge, but they can see the size of a jackpot on a slot increase from a few hundred or thousand dollars, to tens of thousands, or even millions.

  • Standard Slot Jackpots or Top Prizes

From the very first slot game, the Liberty Bell, right through to the modern age, all standardBet365 Games slots slot games have had a standard jackpot.

However, the term ‘jackpot’ may not be used in describing the prize. Instead, it may be called the top prize, or top payout.

Essentially a standard slot’s jackpot prize is the maximum amount of money you can win when spinning the reels and by landing the maximum number of the top value symbols across the reels.

Now in older and retro slots, these wins would come when landing three, four or five of the top paying symbols across the single pay line in the slot. As there were fewer possible combinations of symbols, the top prize on these games was often relatively small.

However, with the advent of online slot gaming, and slots that can have many more potential combinations of symbols and a corresponding increase in the number of pay lines available, not to mention the inclusion of additional features such as Wild symbols, the size of these standard jackpot prizes on modern slots has ballooned.

Now some modern slots offer jackpot prizes based on landing the highest possible combination of symbols across multiple lines, or even ways to win. Many of these games feature symbols stacked on each other to facilitate wins across multiple lines.

The important thing to note here is that with standard slot games like this, the top prize is set at a certain amount, usually stated in coins, rather than a dollar amount, as people can play games for varying coin sizes.

These prizes remain the same regardless of whether you are playing for 0.10c per spin or $10.00 per spin. The top prize may be something like 30,000 coins. Which for $0.10 per spin is a prize of $3,000, but for $10.00 per spin is a prize of $300,000.

Many slots adopts this approach to their jackpot prizes and some of the best ones to try at BetRivers Casino include:

  • 11 Champions
  • Action Ops Snow and Sable
  • Jimi Hendrix Online Slot
  • Starburst
  • Cash Machine
  • Capital Gains

The key thing to note with these games is that the jackpot is triggered by landing symbols across the reels in the base game, or in Free Spins. However, there is also another very similar type of jackpot slot game available.

  • Jackpot Slots

Another way a slot can award a jackpot other than by landing the top prize on the reels, is


by triggering a special feature or bonus game which will then allow you a chance to win one (or sometimes more) jackpot prizes.

In games like Microgaming’s Sisters of Oz jackpot slot, there is not just one jackpot available, but four. Each given a different name, Mini, Minor, Major and Grand. Each jackpot can be awarded by triggering a bonus feature in the slot.

Once you trigger the bonus feature, you then play the feature and you will be awarded one of the jackpot prizes. In most cases, this is the smaller value prizes, the mini or minor prizes, but on occasion this can also be the Major or even the Grand prize.

Unlike progressive jackpot games (which we will come to below), these types of jackpot slots offer a set amount for a win, often stated as a coin value, similar to the top wins on standard slot games.

Mini and Minor wins can be small prizes of 10x your stake or 100x your stake, but the larger prizes can be 1,000x, 10,000x or even 100,000x your stake.

In some games, an actual cash value for the top jackpot prizes will be stated and in these games, the amount you wager per spin affects how likely you are to trigger the jackpot game. The more you bet, the more chance you have of triggering a shot at the jackpots.

These slot games straddle the gap between standard slot games and progressive jackpot slots quite nicely and we highly recommend you try the Sisters Of Oz jackpot slot game to see these kinds of slots in action.

  • Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slot games are like the jackpot slots we mentioned above, but ratherDivine Fortune Big Jackpot Win From PokerStars MI than having a set amount for their jackpot prize, or prizes, instead the value of a prize can increase and ‘progress’ in size with the more people that play the game.

Over time, a small percentage of each person’s stake that plays the game is added to the progressive jackpot prize fund and in turn, this grows in size, starting at the seed amount and then increasing with every spin played on the game.

The more time and the more spins played on the progressive jackpot slot without triggering the bonus, then the greater the value that the progressive jackpot(s) can grow to.

Some games offer just one progressive jackpot prize, but it is becoming increasingly common for progressive jackpot slots to offer two, three or even four progressive jackpot prizes, ranging in size from small progressive prize ($10 to $100 is a common value for two smaller progressive prizes) up to progressive prizes that can run into tens of thousands or amounts that even dwarf that.

It is this unlimited top prize that makes progressive jackpot slots so exciting for customers and some of the top ones to try now at BetRivers Casino include:

  • Divine Fortune
  • Mercy of the Gods
  • Dynamite Dash
  • China Shores
  • Imperial Wealth
  • Radiant Witch

So these are three different and common slot jackpots you can chase on your favorite slot games over the next few weeks. Good luck in the hunt for a jackpot prize!


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