Strong Female Character Slots For Galentines Day

Everyone knows there’s a big, cuddly, sickly sweet made up holiday taking place tomorrow. We’re talking Valentines Day. If you’re in a relationship and are the type that goes weak at the knees for grand romantic gestures, we’re sure you’re all on board for the heart-shaped cards and gigantic teddy bears. But for the rest of us, we prefer the day before Valentines. It’s now known as Galentines Day and is a fine excuse to celebrate your female friendships. And that’s why today we’re talking all about Galentines Day slots.

What are Galentines Day slots?

Galentines Day slots are something, to be honest reader, we’ve just made up on the spot. But stick with us. They’re fun slots games featuring strong female characters.

We’re not talking about those overly sexualised slots that seemed to be all the rage a few years ago. We’re talking strong powerful women who can stand up for themselves.

And, of course, we’re talking about fun experiences too. Plus we wouldn’t say no to the chance to win a tidy sum from playing them either…

Where can I play Galentines Day slots?

If you search almost any good online casino, you’ll find good Galentines Day slots buried among the more predictable fare. But the good news is, we’ve done the hard work for you.

We went to Coral and have sorted through loads of different games to uncover the best slots with strong female lead main characters.

Tell me more about the best Galentines Day slots I can play now

And without further ado, here our the ones that, in our opinion, are some of the best Galentines Day slots to play on this special day.

The Batgirl Bonanza

Designed by Ash Gaming, this super hero slot is all about the title character. The Batgirl Bonanza is exactly that. It’s a bonanza of colour, humour and general comic book swagger.

And to top it off, it also sports a progressive jackpot, which is shared by all the DC Games on Coral Casino.

Age of the Gods: Medusa & Monsters

We’ve talked a lot about Age of the Gods in the past. This is one of the most exciting of the ever-expanding slots ranges available at Coral Casino.

This actually has quite a bit in common with The Batgirl Bonanza. It’s also designed by Ash Gaming and it’s got a shared progressive jackpot. Just this time it’s shared with the Age of the Gods suite of branded games.

Age of the Gods: Medusa & Monsters is best suited to players who prefer a mythological bent to their gaming experience. And if that’s you, then you’ve found the right slot.

Wonder Woman

Another super hero slot, Wonder Woman is a feast for all the senses. Well at the very least a feast for sight and sound. And maybe, excitement? But we don’t think that’s really a proper sense, is it?

Anyway, this game is brought to us by Vikings and is a slightly more sophisticated comic book offering, when compared to Batgirl Bonanza. It’s more like a Hollywood blockbuster.

And the best news is that it shares that sweet DC Games progressive jackpot. So whether you want to celebrate Galentines Day with Batgirl or Wonder Woman, you’re still in the running to scoop the same jackpot.

What else can I do to celebrate Galentines Day?

Looking for another way to celebrate this female friendly holiday? Well the best thing you can do today is spend some quality time with your favourite women.

Give your Mam a call, go for a drink with your Sister in Law, head out to dinner with your best friend or grab a movie with the girl gang.

However you spend your Galentines Day, just remember to be especially kind to yourself and others today.

Want a Galentines Day present? Well if you happen to be new to Coral Casino, we can hook you up with a welcome bonus worth up to £50.

All Coral players must be at least 18 years of age to sign up and play. All other site terms and conditions apply.


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