Five Slot Features Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face!

Earlier this week, you may recall that we had a look at five slot features which I think stand a good chance of driving you crazy at times! However, in the interests if fairness and balance, I am now going to take a look at five slot features which I think offer the customer outstanding value, or really enhance your enjoyment when playing a slot game.

I have to point out here that these features do not guarantee that you will win more, nor indeed that you are likely to win at all. They are simply features that when added to a game that I have played, have enhanced my enjoyment of that particular slot considerably. Then when I have found that feature in other slots, I have found it has been equally entertaining on that game too.

So what are the features that I can find on slot games at the likes of Chumba Casino and more that I feel will more than likely offer me a bit more than the usual slot game?

Let’s take a closer look and find out.

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  • Win Both Ways

The good news is that there are plenty of features on slot games that enhance the gaming for the player, it is just a bit more difficult narrowing the best ones down to five! However, picking the top feature for me is an easy choice and that is slot games that offer the opportunity to win both ways across the reels.

I actually prefer these games to any of the ways to win slots you can find online that cover every possible combination of ways to win across the reels from left to right and there are a couple of key reasons for that.

Firstly, with Win Both Ways slots, I feel like the player gets really good value for money per spin. If a game has just 10 pay lines in play then you’d expect to pay say 10p or £1 per spin, depending on how much you wanted to wager.

However, given that you can win both ways across the reels, you effectively get a double chance to win across those ten pay lines, but it does not cost you any more per spin for this.

Secondly, when you have Win Both Ways in a game, it makes every spin last longer. If you don’t hit a possible winning combination on a standard slot on the first two reels, then you know that no matter what the other three reels reveal, your spin is a losing one.

On a Win Both Ways slot, even if the first three reels do not turn up a win for you, then if the fourth and fifth reels manage to land you something, then you can pick up a win from a right to left pay line.

It is little wonder to me that games that have this as a main feature, such as the excellent Starburst, are so well liked by customers as this option alone often makes a slot much more engaging, more playable and makes the player feel like they are getting great value for money per spin.

  • Rolling Reels/Cascading Reels & Similar

Depending on what type of game you play, this feature can be called by any one of aBet365 Casino Slots Giveaway number of names, some of which I have outlined above.

Essentially, the feature is best described as being when symbols that form a winning line on a spin will disappear from the screen after awarding a win and are then replaced by symbols dropping down from above. This can then trigger additional wins using these other symbols all on the same spin.

In some games, you can trigger a multiplier trail, which will increase the value of consecutive types of these Rolling Reels wins up to a maximum amount. In other games, you can trigger bonus rounds, such as a Free Spins bonus, if you manage to land a certain number of consecutive wins.

Either way, I like this feature not just because of the extra bonuses it can offer you, but simply because it offers you the chance to increase the value of a win on a spin in the game and you can turn what is a relatively small win, into a larger value one through this feature.

Best of all, the feature is free to the player in the game and triggers on every single win, which makes it very accessible, hence these types of games do tend to appeal to players that like games offering regular wins.

This type of bonus feature has been gaining in popularity over recent times thanks to slots such as Gonzo’s Quest, although there are now a large number of games that offer this feature, or something very similar now available to play.

  • Wild Bonuses

Wild bonuses are pretty much part and parcel of the slots culture nowadays. Any slot game you play at the likes of Chumba Casino will more than likely feature at least a standard Wild symbol and while these are always welcome on a slot game, it is more the additional types of Wild bonuses that I like.

This includes Wilds such as Expanding Wilds, which can expand to cover one or more reels on a spin, Stacked Wilds, which can be stacked on a reel to offer a better chance of covering at least part, if not all, the reel with Wild symbols. Many other types of Wilds can be used in games such as random Wilds being placed on the reels, Wilds moving from right to left or left to right across the reels, or standard symbols being transformed into Wild symbols when you land a certain symbol in the game or trigger a bonus.

There are so many different Wild bonuses available nowadays that it is hard to categorise them any other way, but when you find a game that offers generous Wilds on the reels, especially Stacked or Expanding Wilds, then you will tend to find the game offers you an exciting time of things.

  • Stacked Symbols

While not as good as Stacked Wilds, I think games which offer potential stacks of symbols offer players a positive experience when playing slots. The fact that Symbols are stacked generally means that there are usually a number of ways to win across the reels and if you can land a stacked set of symbols alongside other stacks of the same symbol, or better still Stacked Wilds, then you can land some good value wins.

Of course, some people argue that stacked symbols mean that it is hard to pick up those single line wins at times, but I feel the benefits of hitting wins across multiple pay lines when you do land a win makes this a fair trade off and one which I think is to the game and player’s benefit.

  • Free Spins

Of course, Free Spins had to be on this list and within that group of slots, there is a massive difference between the types of Free Spins you can have available in a slot game. Some slots only offer a couple of Free Spins, while others can offer ten, twenty or even more if you are lucky enough.

I do like Free Spins that can increase in number, either by re-activating Free Spins by landing a trigger, or by landing extra Scatters during your Free Spins to add another Free Spin to your total. I also have to say that I do much prefer slot games that offer a larger number of free spins, even with generally smaller value prizes, than those that offer just a small number of free spins even with potentially higher wins available.

How often you can hit a Free Spins bonus can often make or break a slot game, so the triggering mechanism for that has to be fair and relatively easy to obtain for players. There’s nothing worse than having a potentially exciting Free Spins round beckoning and you cannot hit it after hundreds of spins.

Get the balance right of Free Spins triggers, Free Spins awarded and the potential to earn more Free Spins combined with an attracting amount to win, and you have the recipe for a slot feature sure to appeal to the majority of slots gamers.


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