Don’t be a Loser Avoid These Five Expensive Online Slots Mistakes

Playing an online slots game at a site like BetRivers Online Casino and Sportsbook is generally a BetRiverspretty simple process. You sign up, deposit your cash (not forgetting the BetRivers First Match Deposit Bonus if you are a new customer), pick the slot you want to play, set your bet size and hit spin.

The reels will spin into action and you are playing. Slot games are, after all, pretty much as easy as any casino games come to understand. That is why they are so popular with so many players all over the world!

Simple Yes, But Not for the Simple Minded!

However, don’t let the slot beguile you with its simplicity! Sure, they are very easy to pick up and there are only a few games where after two or three spins, you still have no real idea of what is going on. But that doesn’t mean that because you don’t have to give any thought to understanding the game, that you should give no thought also on exactly how to play it.

Part of slots universal appeal is their simplicity, but as with any casino game, there are some easy mistakes you can make that can, if you keep making them over time, proved to be somewhat costly.

In this article, we are going to take a look at five mistakes lots of slot players make and how best to avoid them when you load up a game to play!

  1. Not reading the terms and conditions of your casino bonus

One of the biggest mistakes slot players make before they have even loaded up a slot game to play is to not read through how any casino bonus they have received, works. The terms and conditions of the bonus will give you a clear indication as to any limitations, maximum withdrawal amounts, wagering requirements or similar on your bonus.

Getting this clear in your mind is a fundamental of online slots gaming as often you will be using bonus cash to play with at the casino, especially when you have just signed up. So being sure as to what you can and cannot spend your bonus cash on is always a smart move.

After all, there is nothing worse that sending a stinking email to a casino about how their bonus doesn’t work, when in actual fact it is you that hasn’t understood the bonus in the first place (and yes, I speak from personal experience here!).

  1. Not reading the Slots Information or Help files

So, you’ve got your bonus, you understand how it works, time to load up a slot, set your bet size and hit spin! Actually, not it isn’t, not just yet anyway.

The best way to avoid any potential pitfalls on a slot game is to learn a bit more about it before you play. As such, I would suggest you read any help files or even the Slots Information about the game that you will find when you load up any slot game.

Finding out information such as the Return to Player Percentage (RTP), how the slot is set up on terms of number of reels and pay lines, what the main bonus features are and how they are triggered and of course, what the minimum and maximum payouts are in the game are all great information to have before you play.

Some casinos even let you play free demo spins of slot games before you play for real cash and if this is an option, then after reading about the slot and doing your research, play through a few demo spins to get an idea of the game. Sure, you can’t win any money this way, but you do get to see how the slot plays and that, going forward, can be every bit as beneficial.

  1. Betting too much for your bankroll

This is probably the most common, and expensive, mistake that new slot players make. While it is exciting to think you could bet $10 per spin and maybe win $200,000, if you don’t have a bankroll that can sustain many hundreds, possibly thousands of $10 spins, then you are going to find your account reaches $0 very quickly indeed.

It is much better to budget a sensible amount per spin, so that your total account balance can sustain a few lengthy sessions of spins (or at least one). So if you have a balance of $50 in your account, it is better to play 500 $0.10 spins, than it is 50x $1 spins or just 5x $10 spins.

  1. Playing the same game or game type again and again

You may love slots about TV shows, dogs, cats, circuses, Alan Alda (admittedly, this particular slot is a niche market). You may prefer slots with progressive jackpots, or lots of bonus games, or more retro-styled slots which are akin to traditional fruit machine type games.

However, if you simply stick to the same slot game, or even the same type of slot, you are missing out on so many other types of game that you may love.

One thing to remember here is that some people often become attached to a game because they feel it ‘likes’ them and pays out more to them than other slots do. While this rather anthropomorphic view is quite sweet, it is actually down to nothing than pure chance and your selective memory!

Play a wider variety of game types, with different features, bonuses and prizes and you will enrich your slot gaming experience all the more.

  1. Carrying on playing

One of the key skills any new player needs to learn is when to stop playing slot games. Otherwise, the very nature of these games means that you will keep on playing until the casino takes all your money from you.

Slot games, even the ones that seem most generous, are always weighted in favour of the casino thanks to their house edge and if you are someone who lands a win, and then immediately spends all of that cash until it is gone, was it ever really a win in the first place if you just gave it back the casino?

As such, it is good practice to set a time limit, spend limit or number of spins limit on your play and stick to it. Then if you lose, you lose an amount of money you would know beforehand, but if you win, then any extra is in your account to use another time.

Avoid these five rookie mistakes and you can find your slot gaming takes you to a whole new level!


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