The Summer Poker Promotion Slots Players Love

Sometimes slots players go straight for the casino section of their favourite site. And we get that, it does make sense. But did you know that there are often lots of great slots available in sportsbook and poker sections of online casinos?

Well there are. And sometimes they have awesome promotions. When we were browsing through the offers at Coral this week, we spotted something spectacular. If you’re not a poker fan, you might’ve glossed over it. But the Hello Summer promotion has plenty to attract slots lovers.

Is the Hello Summer promotion just for poker players?

Okay, this promotion is on Coral Poker. But stick with us. Obviously it’s a pre-dominately poker-focused promotion, but you can take part just by playing slots and get slots-based rewards.

So it’s definitely not just for poker players. If you dabble in poker, all the better. But you can focus exclusively on slots and still get a lot out of it.

How does the Hello Summer promotion work?

Complete daily and weekly missions between now and 23:59 GMT on Sunday, 2nd September and you’ll get a spin of the Hello Summer wheel. And when you spin the wheel you can win one of over 57,000 prizes.

There are three different missions where you can earn a spin of the wheel and one of them is entirely slots-based.

You can win a maximum of 10 spins of the Hello Summer wheel every week, so you can have plenty of shots at the prizes.

Once you complete your daily or weekly mission, your Hello Summer wheel spins should appear automatically. But if they don’t, just give customer service a shout before you fire up another game.

And as you might expect, those wheel spins expire as soon as the promotion ends in September, so remember to use all of yours before that happens.

In order to take part in the promotion, you’ve got to have at least the 17.11 version of the poker client, so it’s worth re-downloading if yours is out of date.

10 slots tasks to complete

There are loads of great slots games at Coral Poker and you can earn a spin of the wheel by playing them and hitting certain wagering levels.

Remember to opt in by clicking Start in My Account under your Missions tab. And then you can also keep an eye on your progress towards meeting one of these goals:

PromotionWhenMax Bonus
Planet Happy Hour2x Daily165%
200% MEGA BonusSpecial Event200%
160% BonusDaily165%

Poker points earning missions

For those of you who are into poker, you might be interested in the other Hello Summer weekly mission.

With this one you’ve also got to opt in, but then you have to hit a points requirement in a week before you get your free spins.

Klang Evidence

Daily Age of the Gods Twister poker mission

Every day of the Hello Summer promotion, you can earn a spin of the Hello Summer wheel by playing the newest poker format at Coral Poker Age of the Gods Twister. To get your spin, you’ve got to earn 13 points or more in a day when you play this format. And trust us, this is a really fun poker game. You don’t have to be an expert to play and it’s got a load more excitement than many of the usual formats.

Are Hello Summer prizes good for slots players?

In a word, yes. There are six different types of prizes and half of them would be perfect for any slots lover, including the coveted top prize where you can win €1,000 instantly.

Non-poker prizes for Hello Summer

Set your sights on these three if you’re not a massive poker fan:

  • There are three €1,000 cash prizes
  • There are 600 €10 cash prizes
  • There are a 10,500 10x free spins

Hello Summer poker prizes

And then if you’re into poker, there are lots of prizes that’ll pique your interest, including:

  • 6,000 poker bonuses worth €5
  • 20,000 Age of the Gods Twister tickets worth €1
  • 20,000 poker bonuses worth €1

The free spins and tickets expire 14 days after they’re credited to your account, and the bonuses expire 30 days after they’re credited to your account.

You can also only have one pending active bonus on your account at a time. So remember to clear yours before you win another one!

Are you a Coral newbie? Join today and get your £50 welcome bonus.

All Coral players must be at least 18 years of age to sign up and play. Other terms and conditions may apply.


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