Music To Spin The Reels To

Are you bored with what you’re listening to at the moment? We all know that good music can help you get into the mood, whatever you’re doing. So if you stick on the right tracks, your gaming session will be all the more pleasurable. That’s where the slots playlist comes in.

At Slots Call, we’ve racked our brains for what can only be described as dozens of minutes to come up with the best tracks to accompany your next slots session. So fire up your online streaming service, discman or gramophone and get ready for the most melodic slots gaming time of your life.

But first, if you’re wondering where to rock out while playing slots games, we’ve got a suggestion. Try Bet365, where you can find lots of classics and great new titles. And, you can even take advantage of this wonderful deal to boot if you’re a new player.

I Believe In Miracles

This tune by the Jackson Sisters can’t help but get you moving. And let’s face it, every progressive slots game player has the same mantra as this band, “I Believe In Miracles.”

Of course you do! Because that’s what it would feel like if you got a big win. That’s what the game’s all about, however unlikely it is. It’s about the pursuit of the dream, not the realisation.

You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

If reels could talk, the might just sound like Dead Or Alive. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) is an upbeat 1980s tune that has it all.

Synths, sassy lyrics and a whole lot of attitude. And that’s also what all the best slots games have too. That’s exactly why it ended up on our gorgeous slots playlist.

Lottery Winners on Acid

We don’t endorse drug taking at All Bets. In fact, we’re all pretty afraid of all hallucinogens. But this song by The Crimea reminds us of something that has nothing to do with dangerous substances.

Lottery Winners On Acid reflects the feeling we get when we get a big or even a modest win. You walk through the street with a secret smile on your face, happy in the knowledge that you’ve done something today that no one else has. Pure bliss.

Cherry On Top

The most contemporary song on our slots playlist is Cherry On Top by Lou Hayter. This one goes out to all the old school slots fans out there.

If fruit machines are your jam (pun intended), you’ve got to compile a whole fruity playlist to accompany your next session. Other honourable mentions on that one go to The Beatles with Strawberry Fields Forever and all of Beyonce’s Lemonade. Okay, that album is purely for the name, scarcely another fruit mention on it. But it is very, very good.


What slots playlist would be complete without a mention of the glittering substance the human race seems destined to seek out at any price? Yes, that’s where Gold by Spandau Ballet comes in.

The sentiments of this song are what slots are all about too. It’s dramatic and fun and there’s a gripping storyline. We love it. It probably fits better than Kanye West’s Gold Digger, which disses people for digging for gold. We want to dig for gold all we want in those slots!

Money, Money, Money

We couldn’t resist including the ABBA classic Money, Money, Money on this slots playlist. It’s so much fun and even though we rarely listen to ABBA, somehow we know all the words.

That’s exactly what we want when we’re playing slots. In fact, maybe you should just finish off your session by listening to an ABBA best of. You could do a lot worse.


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