Slot Machines Offering Skill Based Bonus Games are Not That New!

There is a lot of excitement over in Vegas currently about a new breed of slot machines that are going to start appearing on casino gaming floors very soon. They are slots have one or more skill based bonus games or bonus features attached and on offer on them.

This next generation of slot machines are aimed at the much younger casino visitors and are seen as a way of getting that younger player interested in playing slot machines, which is something many visitors to Vegas of a younger age may not generally get the urge to do.

We have seen and heard casino executives claiming that these new slot machines are going to mark the start of and increase in income and therefore profits from the slot machines on their gaming floors and those new younger skill based slot machine players will help increase their bottom lines.

However, anyone who is based in the United Kingdom will be wondering what all the fuss is about, for they have been able to play slot machines offering true skill based features and bonus games for many years now.

Those slot machines in the UK that offer skill based features and bonus games are collectively known as AWP (amusement with prizes) machines or are often much more lovingly referred to as Fruit Machines.

When playing such machines a player could be faced with playing off a range of different bonus games or features on which it is their skill at playing them off that will determine how much they will win from those features or bonus games!

In fact, there are some SWP (skill with prizes) machines available in the UK and those machines are not slot machines but games offering players a question and answer type of playing structure whereby a player’s skill at answering general knowledge questions will determine whether they win or lose!

It will of course all be down to just how appealing skill based slot machines are to play that will ultimately determine whether younger bricks and mortar casino visitors are going to be tempted to play them, and it will be down to how casinos market those machines that will also decide their popularity.

One thing that does need keeping in mind however, no matter how great looking and appealing a skill based bonus game or bonus feature is attached to any new slot machine, and that is that the player does have to trigger and be awarded with that feature or bonus game before they can then put their skills to the test!

As such it will also need to be the theme and the way that base game of such a slot machine plays off that will also need factoring into the design of these new slot machines, for a younger type of player may quickly get bored with playing a fairly standard base game on a slot machine before they then trigger those skill based features and bonus games!

Also, at the end of the day all slot machines are going to be aiming to payout a certain payout percentage and as such the skill or semi skill based features and bonus games are only going to affect a small amount of the overall RTP of a slot machine!

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