Raindance Bonus Round

It is fairly rare for an older three reel slot machine to offer a bonus game a bit more advanced than simply a wheel spinning bonus round, however there is a slot offering a bonus game that you will never have seen or experienced playing before and that slot is the Chiefs Fortune slot.

That slot has been designed and launched by a company called Microgaming, whose instant play and mobile and also their fully downloadable online gaming platforms are powering many different casino sites, so you will find plenty of casinos at which you can play it at.

How the bonus game is triggered is different to most other bonus game awarding slots, for instead of you having to spin in a set number of scatter symbols or lining up a set of bonus symbols, you simply need to spin in, over any number of spins, five of the Arrow reel symbols that are overlaid onto other reel symbols.

As soon as you have accumulated five of the symbols, that are conveniently displayed once you have spun them in on the onscreen target, you will then get to play off the Raindance bonus round.

That bonus game will see you being presented with the virtually naked Indian Chief and you are tasked with clothing him! You do that by simply clicking onto the spin button and by doing so four reels will spin and then stop and will display an item of headwear, two items of clothing and footwear.

It will be the items of headgear, footwear and clothing you do spin in that will determine your winning payout, for each of the headgear, clothing and footwear you can spin in will have a different coin value associated with then and once you have spun them in their respective values will be added together and awarded to you as one final bonus game winning payout.

The Chiefs Fortune slot is however designed as a single pay line slot, and unlike many similar slots you are not able to set it to play with any coin value setting you like as the coin values have been set at 1.00. Also, when playing this slot machine you are obliged to play three coin spins to have the Arrow symbols activated and in play.

Spinning in those symbols when playing just one or two coins will see the Arrow symbols becoming de-activated and as such you cannot trigger the bonus game unless you are playing for stakes of 3.00 per spin.

One other thing to keep in mind if you do like the sound of the Chiefs Fortune slot is that the jackpot is enhanced in value if you make the very wise decision to play it for three coin spins. When playing one coin the jackpot is worth 500 coins.

However, when playing two coin spins that jackpot is increased in value by another 500 coins so you can win 1000 coins when playing two coin spins. Instead of the jackpot payout being worth another 500 coins when playing three coin spins it has been boosted by 1000 coins, so a three coin jackpot is worth 2000 coins!


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