November 2020 casino games

Two Seasonal Games To Get You In The Thanksgiving Spirit

This is a great time of year, isn’t it? The craziness of Halloween is behind us and now we get to look forward to the coziness of Thanksgiving this week and then Christmas. And that means there’s no better time to bunker down and try out a few new games. Check out our list of the best November 2020 casino games and get inspired to discover a new favorite.

Where can I find the best November 2020 casino games?

Of course, opinions differ on this. It’s all about personal preference. But for us, we love a mix of table games and slots games. That gives us a certain lust for life. Variety is the spice of life, after all, isn’t it?

The second consideration we’ve got to give is geographical location. So depending on where you are in the United States, or in the world, you have different online casino options open to you.

But if you happen to be based in West Virginia, Pennsylvania or New Jersey, we think DraftKings is the best place to find November 2020 casino games.

Plus, when you sign up today, you can take advantage of this spectacular new player offer

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What are the best November 2020 casino games?

There are really a lot we could mention, but we know you don’t want to be reading this post forever. Instead, it’s much better to be informed about the cream of the crop and then you can dive straight into the action. So here’s a little selection of November 2020 casino games that’ve caught our eye…

DraftKings Thanksgiving Blackjack

Is your mouth watering already when you think about what dinner you’ll be eating this Thanksgiving later this week? Well whether it’s turkey or tofurkey, we can all agree that getting into the spirit with a themed table game is a great idea.

And that’s where DraftKings Thanksgiving Blackjack comes in. This one is ideal for players of all budgets, with minimum bets starting from $1 and maximum bets reaching the heady heights of $5,000.

With quite an unusual concept, this is a real gamification of blackjack. You enter the kitchen and you’re tasked with preparing various traditional Thanksgiving dishes. The more hands you win, the faster you prepare the food. But if you lose hands, your food gets ruined. It’s a real riot. You’ve got to try it to really get a feel for it. It’s charming and bonkers in equal measures.

Season’s 7s

Sticking with the seasonal vibe, but looking more ahead to next month, we’ve got another one of our favorite November 2020 casino games here. This time it’s a new release by IGT called Season’s 7s.

Think of this as a holiday slot with bells on. Plus you can play from as little as $0.02 a spin, so you can really get a lot of longevity out of this one. Or you could go straight for the nosebleed $200 a spin maximum wager, if you’re so inclined. Of course, there’s a lot in between too!

This is a classic take on the 7s and bars slot game and shouldn’t take a whole lot of figuring out. But we like it’s simplicity and it’s nod to a holiday spirit with a red and green background and a little jolly bell when you score.

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