Most Popular Slot Game Features

When it comes to playing slot machines online, one thing will always be available to you no matter at which of our approved casino sites you choose of play at, and that is a huge number of appealing slot games.

However, it is very true to say that some players may be unsure as to how the features, structures and even bonus games play and pay on some of the more recently slot games, and that is where the following guide will come in very handy.

Below we have compiled a guide which is going to introduce you to the most popular slot games features, and as such we would urge you to read though this guide and then make use of the additional individual slot playing guides, to learn more about which slots you will enjoy playing the most, which boast each of those built-in features!

Slot Game Playing Structures

On some of the older slot games such as Classic Slots you only have one pay line that will be in play whenever you spin those types of slot games reels. However, over the years there have been lots of different playing structures that will be in play usually when playing video slots as opposed to three reel slot games.

With that in mind we have put together a range of different slot playing guides that will introduce you to all of the most popular slot game playing structures that slot players look out for and like having in place when playing online slots.

You will come across slots with optional pay lines, on which you can pick and choose the number of pay lines you have in play. However, you will also find some slots that offer a Both Ways playing structure and plenty of the next generation of slots offering an All Ways playing format too.

It may also be beneficial for you to find out how Fixed Payline slot games work and operate too for those slots tend to have bonus games that can pay out huge amounts of cash based on the fact that you have a set number of lines in play on each spin you play off.

Unusual Reel Symbols

It is of course going to be the reel symbols that you will probably notice first when you start to play any online slot games, and there are quite a lot of very unusual ones that some slot games may have attached to their reels.

With that in mind we have several guides that we would urge you to read through, as often the reel symbols can add another dimension to your slot playing, and can also help you achieve some huge cash payouts!

There are lots of different types of wild symbols that will do other things than simply stand in for other reel symbols, and thanks to stacked reel symbols you could spin in a screen full of matching symbols when playing some slots!

Scatter symbols and bonus symbols can and often do trigger all manner of unique bonus games and bonus features, and some slot games also have bonus games on which randomly added reel symbols can suddenly get added to the reels too.

Just make sure that before you start to play any slot games online you take a look at the pay tables of each slot. That way you will not only find out how much you will get paid for a matching set of reel symbols spinning in, but also information on any unique types of reel symbols that could also make an appearance.

Most Sought After Bonus Games

When playing any type and category of slot game online that comes with one or more bonus games, it is of course the bonus games that you will be hoping trigger and are awarded to you as you play off your base game spins.

There are however some bonus games that many players will be on the lookout for such as slots which offer lots of free spins or bonus games that award huge payouts from pick and win bonus games.

There are also some slots that offer a wheel spinning bonus game or even a pick and match bonus games, however you will never usually know how much those bonus games are going to payout to you in advance until you have played them off!

Stakes and Jackpots

One final thing that you should always do when playing any type of slot game in any playing environment is play them responsibly.

As the vast majority of slot games you will come across will be configurable in regards to the stakes you can play them for, you should try and configure each slot you do set about playing so you can get a fair number of base game spins out of your bankroll.

When playing a slot game on which there is a bonus game such as a set of free spins, make sure you set a stake level based on your bankroll that will allow you to play off at the very least 100 spins. For you are much more likely to trigger the bonus games when playing off that number of spins than you will have if you only play off a handful of spins!

Also, when playing some slot games, namely those that have a progressive jackpot or more than one progressive jackpot on offer then make sure that you read through the pay table of those slots to find out just how it is you can win the progressive jackpot.

Sometimes you are going to be required to have to play every single pay line to have the jackpot element of the slot activated, or you may be required to play maximum bet spins to have any chance what so ever of winning the progressive jackpot or jackpots.

Failing to play the slot game in the way described on the pay table to have the jackpot activated will see you having no chance at all of winning those ever rising progressive jackpot payouts!


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