Losing Your Marbles? Could Marble Racing Be The Next Big Casino Hit?

Do you remember the Marble Run game that you could play as a child? It was essentially a kit, somewhat like lego, but in which you could clip together parts of track, slides, spirals, and whatnot in order to create a run, down which you could send one or more marbles.

Then when you got bored, you could pull it all apart and rebuild the track in another design.

I have to admit to being particularly amused by this many years ago, but I was staggered to learn from a friend that marble runs have since become hugely popular, not least because of videos on YouTube similar to the one below.

Well, now it seems that casinos and perhaps more pertinently, Virtual Sports game producers have realised that Marble Runs offer us a brand new way to enjoy a wager at the casino,

The game is Virtual Marble Racing, created by the team at Inspired, the company behind many of the top virtual sports games you can find at sportsbooks and casinos today. You can play a version of the game right now at the popular Borgata Casino.

Is Marble Racing Really A Virtual Sport?

Absolutely. A virtual sport is a game that is developed that is usually based on a sport, such as Football,  Basketball, Soccer or Horse Racing or similar on which players can place bets and which sees the event run from start to completion in a short period of time (usually between 3-5 minutes per event).

A Virtual Sport is not defined by the limitations of what is possible in a physical reality so, literally anything could be a Virtual Sport, and it just so happens that Marble Racing is one of the most strangely exciting and enjoyable type to watch and participate in.

You can bet on the winner of virtual races of marbles, across a wide variety of different courses, each of which is littered with its own individual route and obstacles which can of course see the order of the marbles change considerably as they work their way down the run.

It’s a hugely entertaining game to watch and bet on and if you want a break from more standard Virtual Sports games, it is the perfect choice.

Is Marble Racing Popular?

There is no doubt that Marble Racing has grown massively in terms of popularity over the last couple of years. Particularly at the start of the pandemic, when with no sport pretty much anywhere around the globe, people began to watch videos of marble races online.

Very soon, many people, including a number of celebrities, soon began to share these most popular of videos on their social feeds and people watched entranced as nothing but gravity and the laws of physics combined to produce a spectacle that is probably one of the most unpredictable sports events you can find.

That’s because in Marble Races, a marble can be leading by a long, long way, but hit a part of the course that slows it down, which allows even the back markers catch up and perhaps even take the lead.

It is this sense of jeopardy which creates the excitement, combined with some slick presentation and visuals, which have led to Marble Racing becoming one of the most popular channels to watch on YouTube.

There is something truly mesmeric about watching these races unfold, either in real life on courses made by individuals, or in the Virtual World and it is little wonder that its popularity has increased in recent times.

Is Marble Racing Really A Casino Game?

Well that depends very much on what you would view as a casino game. If you are only going to consider classic casino games, then essentially you would only have games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat as the true casino games. You could probably add slots to that list (although some casino purists wouldn’t like that) and in the United States for certain, Craps would be another game that made the list.

However, you would then be omitting a number of more recently developed casino games such as Video Poker, Casino Hold’em, Keno and Virtual Sports, all of which are now incredibly popular especially in online casinos such as the Borgata Casino.

A broad definition of a casino game is a something that the casino will offer and on which the player can bet to win, but in which the odds favor the casino. In that respect, Marble Racing is as much a casino game as any other.

Are All Marbles Created Equal?

Of course, in Virtual Marble Racing, every marble that is designed may look different and have a different number and color to help distinguish it from others, but in the real world, is it possible that all marbles may not be created equally?

Some marbles may be slightly bigger than others. Some may be made out of different materials other than glass, some may be heavier and some may even have slight imperfections on the surface which could impact how well they travel.

So in one sense, although all marbles are not necessarily the same, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the same marble will win every race, as been amply proven time and time again in videos like we have shown above.

In fact, the differences between marbles are generally so slight (especially if you ensure all marbles are roughly the same material, weight and design) that it is as close to a fair race as any other sporting race you would care to mention.

So Marble Racing may well be one of the more unusual casino gaming options when you fancy a few wagers on the Virtual Sports, but it is certainly one of the best and most innovative additions to casinos over the last couple of years or so.

We urge you to give the game a try next time you are playing at Borgata Casino and fancy trying your hand at a Virtual Sport. We think it is utterly Marble-lous!


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