Is App Or Browser-Based Play Best When Playing At An Online Casino?

One of the ways in which many online casinos try to attract new customers is through developing a bespoke app which gives customers a simple and easy way to connect to the casino.

Companies like BetMGM Casino are just one of a number of sites that offer bespoke apps for iOS and/or Android-based devices that allow the user to download them and access the site at a touch of a button.

However, what is not quite as well known is that many sites may offer an app-based service, but also one where you can access the site on a browser on your choice of mobile device.

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Now it is tempting to think that regardless of which way you decide to access your chosen casino, you are going to get the same quality of experience regardless, but sometimes there can be both beneficial and detrimental aspects to deciding whether to play an online casino via an app compared to a browser, and vice versa.

With many casinos offering the opportunity to play by either an app or via a browser-based service, what are the pros and cons of each and which of the two is the best choice for mobile casino gamers to pick?

So let’s try to answer these questions as fully as we can by taking a look at both types of service and comparing what similarities and differences they have.

Browser-Based Mobile Casino Gaming v App Mobile Casino Gaming – Similarities

The first thing to note here is that regardless of whether you elect to play on a browser, or through a mobile app, for the vast majority of top quality, licensed and regulated casinos, the service you are going to get from either will be top quality.

In fact, any differences between the two may be so slight, that you may not even notice them.

That generally means that you are going to find the vast majority of the same casino games, slots, bonuses, promotions and other offers across both of the platforms.

Of course, it goes without saying that you can use the same log in for both methods of play and you should never be penalised for opting to use one method over another.

I would say that for a typical site that offers the option to play via an app or via a browser, that around 95% of the features, bonuses and other key aspects of the site will be exactly the same, regardless of which option you pick.

Now that is good news, because it means that for the vast majority of users, regardless of which option you pick, you should get a great experience when you log in to play a few games of your favorite casino game.

However, within that 5% of difference, there can be some key things that make playing one way a better option for you.

So with that, let’s now focus on some of the key differences you may come across when you compare playing via an app to an online browser and vice versa.

Browser-Based Mobile Casino Gaming v App Mobile Casino Gaming – Differences

So, what are the small but key differences between playing casino games on yournada poker mobile app browser, compared to a downloadable app?

The first thing to note is that the reason there is so little difference between the two methods of gaming now is simply because your typical smartphone and tablet is now so much more advanced than previous versions.

Previously, older technology meant that sometimes app developers were forced to leave out some items from its service due to the technology not being up to scratch, however this is no longer the case nowadays.

In fact, sometimes the opposite is true with developers able to optimise an app so that it works even better, more smoothly and more quickly than the browser version of the site.

  • Flash Games Issue

One of the biggest issues for mobile app users was that up until a few years ago, many games and slots were coded using Flash. Flash was notorious for not being compatible with mobile operating systems, notably iOS and Android.

As such, many older Flash games, could not be ported over and played on mobile devices unless they were converted.

However, since the advent of HTML5, almost all developers are now using this to programme their casino games, a language which is as comfortable on mobile devices as it is on websites in a browser. This means that HTML5 games will run very comfortably on a browser.

Now while many users prefer to play more modern online casino games and slots, there are some that may have older Flash-enabled games they wish to play in which case, the browser based option is your best choice, as is accessing the site from a laptop or desktop, rather than a mobile device.

  • Convenience

The other big difference between Mobile and Browser gaming is that it is generallyDraft Mobile Platform - on iOS and Android much easier to play on the move with a mobile app than with a browser. Once you have downloaded an app, access is usually via a touch of the button.

However, with a website, unless you have set up a shortcut, you may have to type in the website address, which can be more time consuming.

There is also the fact that we mentioned before that mobile apps are generally optimised to be able to be used effectively on the move and as such the App tends to offer more flexibility and convenience for a user to play, whether they are at home or on the move.

What To Pick?

Finally, if a site offers a choice between an app or a browser-based mobile casino service, then my instinct is to go with the app. Why is that?

Well, a company is not likely to spend a large sum of money developing an app, and then not put any incentives to get mobile customers to use it. Developing an app is a significant investment for a casino and they will want to make it as appealing to mobile users as possible.

That means that while playing on an app may not be incentivised as such, the company will make every effort to ensure that its mobile users get the best of mobile casino gaming through the app service, rather than its browser.

So if you have the choice, I’d always start with the downloadable app first to enjoy your mobile online casino gaming!



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