iRush Rewards

Keystone State Players Are Rushing In For These Rewards

The race is on for Keystone State players to get as much out of online casino rewards programs as possible. So it’s our job to make sure you know about the best ones. And one of our absolute favourites is iRush Rewards at PlaySugarHouse.

First things first though. If you’re not signed up to PlaySugarHouse PA, you should get on that train. It’s easy to sign up and if you do so with this PlaySugarHouse bonus code, you can get awesome offers too.

Of course, you have to be physically located in the borders of Pennsylvania in order for you to be able to sign up and play. So keep that in mind if you’re an out-of-stater. Or an out-of-countryer…

But if you are in the Keystone State, happy days! There’s a lot to look forward to. And we’re about to tell you how to make the best of iRush Rewards.

Tell me more about iRush Rewards

iRush Rewards is the PlaySugarHouse PA loyalty scheme. When you wager for real money at PlaySugarHouse PA, you earn iRush Rewards points. Then if you rack up more of these points, you can get sweeter rewards. Nice, right?

Loyalty Level Points

The first thing you’ll notice about iRush Rewards is that there are two different currencies. The first we’ll tackle is Loyalty Level Points.

This signifies what Loyalty Level you have. The higher your level, the more rewards you get.

Your running total of Loyalty Level Points are based on a 60-day rolling period. Here’s how it works:

  • Earn points and they stick around in full for 30 days
  • After 30 days, they slowly begin to decline

Confused? Yeah, it’s a bit odd alright. Basically it means that they want you to play fairly consistently in order to maintain or increase your loyalty level. Which isn’t a big deal if you’re a solid long term player.

Our advice is if you’re serious about PlaySugarHouse PA, stick with it to get the most out of iRush Rewards. If you’re not, this might not be the loyalty scheme for you.

Bonus Store Points

Next up in the iRush Rewards universe is Bonus Store Points. These are spendable points that you can exchange for the rewards of your choice.

That means you get to have a real say in what kind of gifts you wind up with, which is really nice. You can choose things like Wheel Spins and different amounts of Bonus Money Prizes.

Bonus Bank

A real highlight of the iRush Rewards scheme is the Bonus Bank. It lets you decide how to use your bonus money, which is really nice. You can either Bank It, Play It or Take It.

That means you have the option to save your bonus money, start meeting the 1x play-through requirement (so refreshingly low!) or withdraw it. We have to say, we really like this system. It could be one of our favourite things about iRush Rewards.

iRush Rewards Loyalty Levels

Depending on how much you play and how much you spend, you can hit one of 11 different iRush Reward Loyalty Levels.

Unlike other loyalty programmes, you’ve got to earn at least some points before you qualify for iRush Rewards. Here’s exactly how many points you need to earn to progress through the levels:

  • 40 points for tier 1
  • 160 points for tier 2
  • 400 points for tier 3
  • 760 points for tier 4
  • 1,400 points for tier 5
  • 2,800 points for tier 6
  • 5,200 points for tier 7
  • 8,800 points for tier 8
  • 13,600 points for tier 9
  • 20,000 points for tier 10

Then the eleventh tier is invite only. All we know is you probably have to earn a good bit more than 20,000 points to hit that.

Lovely rewards waiting for you

The tier you hit determines your rewards. Here are the things you can claim…

  • Bonus Store Access: All Tiers
  • SugarHouse Casino Special Offers: Tier three and above
  • Custom Deposit Limit Assistance: Tier five and above
  • VIP Manager, Promotional Calendar, Birthday Gifts, VIP Lounge Access, Swag, Exclusive Free Play, Dining Offers: Tier seven and above
  • VIP Events Invites, Faster Withdrawals: Tier eight and above
  • Luxury VIP gifts: Tier nine and above
  • Custom Avatar, Dinner, Luxury Hotel Stay: Tier 10 and Elite
  • Elite Promotions, Dedicated Concierge, Apple or Android device, SugarHouse Casino Transport, Ultra Luxury VIP gifts: Elite tier


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