How to Work Out Single Session Slot Machine RTP´s

If you have been looking forward to playing a range of different slot machines or just one single slot, and then you get stuck into playing them or it only to find your bankroll didn´t give you as much play time as you had hoped for, then sadly that is all part and parcel of playing slots, and many players often feel somewhat deflated when that happens.

However, when playing at online casino sites or mobile casinos you can often badger the customer support team to flip you a small free bonus if you did experience and bad run of luck and that is something many slot players have mastered doing!

It will of course be ultimately determined by just how bad the run of luck you did experience playing any slot was, that will see a casino flipping you a bonus to compensate for your reduced play time, and one way that they will determine whether to give you a free bonus is by working out your single session RTP.

RTP means “return to player” and is basically the payout percentage you achieved when playing any one slot machine or a group of slots over any given time period.

You will be best advised to find out how to work out your single session slot machine RTP when playing any slot as that will allow you to get a good idea as to whether it is low enough to warrant a casino giving you some form of compensation!

Keep in mind however not all casinos are going to give you a bonus if you have experienced a bad run of luck, but they may be more inclined to do so when you are playing with your own money and not with any bonus credits mixed in with your own bankroll.

With that in mind let us now reveal to you just how easy it is to work out your single session slot machines RTP, for many players will be surprised at just how easy it is to do so and with the aid of a calculator and some facts and figures you will soon find out whether any slot playing session really was as bad as you thought it was.

You will need to keep track of every real money wager played through on any slot machine, and also keep track of every winning payout that was credited to your casino account balance when playing a slot machine.

Once you know those two figures you simply need to divide the winning payouts by the stakes. You will then arrive at one of two different figures, if the figure you arrive at is “0.” anything followed by any other series of numbers such as for example 0.9574838 then get rid of the zero and the decimal point and the first two figures remaining are your RTP for that session (95%).

If the figure you arrive at begins in anything other than a zero and a decimal point such as 1.26569, then remove only the decimal point and remove all other figures other than the first three figures left after removing the decimal point and that is your RTP for that session (126%).


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