How to Spot a Progressive Slot That May Be About to Payout

A percentage of your stake money is going to be feeding the progressive jackpot pools when you play slots offering one or more progressive jackpots. That does of course mean if you never win such a jackpot then the payout percentage you will be achieving over the long term on the base game could be quite low.

As such you will be probably wondering just which progressive slots to play if you want to have more than a fair chance of winning one of those ever rising jackpots, and if so then please do read on and all will be revealed to you!

You should forget about playing slots such as the Mega Bucks slot machines, for the jackpots on those machines whilst always very tempting, are not famed for being won very regularly, and you could spend a huge fortune trying to win one of them and never do so.

With that in mind we would suggest you look around for slot machines offering several randomly awarded progressive jackpots, as those machines tend to award their jackpots much more frequently, and whilst not life changing jackpots they will always be a welcome addition to your bankroll if you do manage to bag one of them!

However, you may be wondering just which slot machines to play and which ones are much more likely to payout their progressive jackpots, and that is not as difficult as it may sound.

Take for example the range of Konami designed and supplied slot machines that are found in very large numbers on many Vegas casino gaming floors. You will often come across such slots that have jackpots that are guaranteed to be hit before they reach a certain value.

Therefore all that you will need to do is allocate some time to go wandering around several different casino gaming floors and locate and then start to play the slots which have jackpots not far from their guaranteed hit by amounts.

Many players will be playing such slots which are not far off their guaranteed hit by amounts, but will run out of money before they hit and will have to leave them, and that is when you should be ready to strike and jump on those slot machines, for if the jackpot is very close to its hit by amount and you have enough cash to play that slot then there is a very good chance that jackpot will be won soon by you.

Some slot machines have progressive jackpots that are won via some randomly awarded bonus game or bonus feature, and when you fancy playing such slots then be on the lookout for the ones that have jackpots higher than other similar slots, as an overdue jackpot is much more likely to be awarded to you than a low valued jackpot and a jackpot that has recently be won by another player!

However, never set about chasing a progressive jackpot, for you could end up spending a small fortune trying to win a jackpot but never win one, or you could win one which is valued at less than the amount you spent trying to win it!


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