How often are the Mega Moolah Slot Jackpots Won?

The Mega Moolah series of slot machines are only available to online and mobile slot players, and being a series of slots designed and supplied by a company called Microgaming, then you are of course going to have to locate a casino site that has their range of games on offer to access those slots.

However, what is appealing about each of the Mega Moolah slots is that they offer four different progressive jackpots, each of which are won by a randomly awarded wheel spinning bonus game, and as such any player playing for any stake level could trigger that bonus game.

When triggered players are guaranteed of winning either the Mini, Minor, Major or Mega Jackpot, the latter of which has a seed value of a whopping one million Pounds, Dollars or Euros, depending of course on the currency you are playing it for.

As such when that wheel spinning bonus game is triggered what you will be hoping for is of course that the Mega Jackpot segment of the wheel is spun in facing the winning arrow, as that will then result in you winning that jackpot, which by the way is always paid out in one lump sum payment!

The Mega Moolah slot does in fact have pride of place in the Guinness Book of Records, for it is the slot that currently has the record of paying out the highest ever online slot machine jackpot, and that jackpot was a huge £13,213,838.68 (€17,879,645.12) won by a UK based player!

Due to the nature and seed values of the four jackpots the smaller two of those jackpots are won every few minutes or so, the third highest valued jackpot that being the Major Jackpot is won on average every few days or weeks.

However, the Mega Moolah Jackpot can go for quite a while before a player does manage to win it, and currently the average amount won via that jackpot is £6,716,741, and on average the number of days between that jackpot being won is 61 days.

As such if that is a slot machine you have been considering playing then you may be best advised to wait until the jackpot has grown in value to in excess of £6,716,741 as there will be a chance that due to it becoming above average in value and therefore overdue it may just be awarded sooner rather than later!

The seed value of that jackpot is as mentioned £1million however, if a player wins it in any other currency, as this slot and the others that make up the series are offered to players in different currencies, then the difference between the current exchange rate of GBP and that other currency is taken into account and added back into the jackpot pool once the jackpot has been reset once won in any other currency.

Due to the nature of the live jackpot pools however, you are not going to be able to test out this series of slots for free to see if you like playing them as they are only available as real money slot machines!


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