How Long Is Too Long To Stay In Vegas?

If you are planning a trip to Vegas for the very first time, then you are probably hunting around for the best deal, much more so if you are visiting from another country.

You do however need to factor into your budget the cost of your flights, hotel rooms, resort fees and dining out and of course your gambling bankroll!

What you may also be wondering is just how long you should stay in Sin City. One thing to keep in mind however is that there are going to be a lot of distractions from the gaming floors and if you are planning on doing other things than just gambling then you should try and pre-plan your trip.

Many experienced visitors to Las Vegas say that four days is probably the maximum amount of time you should visit, for after that amount of time your head may be spinning and you may need another holiday to get over that one!

Having visited Las Vegas for more times that I can care to remember though, I have found that it is possible to stay for a week or two without having to spend a fortune or get overwhelmed with everything that gambling capital of the world has to offer.

By pre-planning what you want to do and knowing how to get the best deals you will also find it can be a very affordable holiday if you decide to stay longer than the average amount of time

Most US based visitors to Vegas tend to stay for a long weekend, and as such you will always find the casinos very busy from Friday night through to late Sunday or early Monday morning, and that is also when the hotel rooms will also be at their most expensive.

Whilst many first time visitors to Las Vegas will pre-order show tickets and tickets for all manner of other experiences, it may be worth your while actually booking your tickets when you arrive, for there are lots of different outlets that will sell those tickets for a much reduced price, if you are prepared to shop around.

One thing you are going to be best advised to ensure you do however is make use of a players card the very second you arrive at our chosen casino resort, for by using that card you are then going to be comped for all of your gambling exploits, and will also be showered with additional offers to return to those venues once you have returned home.

One tip I can pass onto you in regards to any gambling you do when in Vegas is to always set yourself a budget each day, and try and stick to it.

After a long flight when you do finally arrive at your chosen casino resort you will often find it way too easy to get carried away playing slot machines or any of the other plethora of gaming opportunities, and you don’t want to blow a big hole in your bankroll within a few hours of your arriving in Las Vegas!


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