How Could The Metaverse Change The Online Casino Gaming Industry Forever?

You may well be aware that recently, the parent site of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram announced that it is changing its name from “Facebook” to “Meta”.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg explained that this decision was taken to ‘futureproof’ his companies for an all out expansion into what has become known as the Metaverse.

To that end, Meta has already sought to make big strides in this new industry, reportedly hiring up to 10,000 people across Europe to help bring its metaverse dream into a reality.

Now while this may sound like far-flung science fiction taken from the page of a Phillip K Dick novel, the fact of the matter is that the metaverse is very real, it is coming and perhaps of most interest to us, it could change the way that you gamble at an online casino forever.

We are not talking about an evolution in the online casino gaming industry here, the metaverse will completely reset the boundaries of what is possible when gambling online.

You may think that gambling at Chumba Casino is fantastic, but that’s nothing compared to how things could be in the metaverse, if these plans come to fruition.

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Now it is ok to say that, but what is the metaverse? How will it work? Will people want to become part of it and just how far away are we from having a metaverse ready to go?

The answers to some of these questions may well surprise you.

So let’s start at the very beginning.

What is a Metaverse?

If you have read the novel or seen the film Ready Player One, then you will already have a good idea of what the Metaverse is. It is essentially, the Internet Mark II, only this time, rather than a simple two-dimensional internet, where you can put things up and download items, the metaverse will be a full 3d universe which people will not just access, but populate.

That may sound far fetched, but that is what the Metaverse is, and in truth it is also much more than that.

The Metaverse is much more than another Internet. It is an alternative digital universe. It is a place where you can be who you want to be, do what you want to do, purchase digital items (such as Non Fungible Tokens) that have a value in both the Metaverse and the real world.

It is a place where, through equipment like a VR headset and other similar items, you will not just be able to see things on the Internet, but actually feel them. Imagine a pop concert in the real world taking place thousands of miles from home, but click on the VR link in the Metaverse and you could be watching the digital version?

Imagine a casino where you can see the actual casino rendered around you, where you can see other players playing games and where you can stop and try your hand at games yourself, betting real money (most likely cryptocurrency) on the games for real rewards?

Then imagine being able to access all part of your digital online persona from the metaverse. Never mind a Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok account, in the Metaverse, you will be able to access everything online from a single log in.

In essence, the Metaverse is a digital universe, created for us to populate and where the only limits are our technology and our imagination.

How will the Metaverse work?

The unique selling point of the metaverse is the idea of total immersion within it. Whereas now you access an online casino from your mobile device or desktop, in the Metaverse, you won’t just use the access you have, but become part of it.

VR technology will take you into the Metaverse, so instead of playing an online casino on your computer screen, in the metaverse, you will be taken inside an actual online casino where you can move around, interact with other people there, bet on games, maybe even purchase items from the casino with your winnings.

The potential for online gambling in the metaverse is huge. Imagine sports events being hosted digitally which you can not only watch from a vantage point in the stadium, but maybe even participate in. The chance to watch and bet on sporting events in real time as if you were there. The possibilities are endless.

Little wonder then that so many top companies are taking the Metaverse very seriously and investing a lot of time and effort into making sure they are ready for the next stage of our online evolution.

Will the Metaverse be popular?

Given how massively popular the likes of esports, console gaming, online betting, casino gaming and online poker are with people nowadays, it is abundantly clear that the metaverse is not just going to be popular, but it will become all encompassing.

In short, just like the Internet now, there may come a point where the metaverse becomes not just something people want, but something they need in order to function with the rest of the 21st century society.

One problem with this could be the technology required to access it, but with this technology set to become cheaper as take up increases, there are clear parallels with how the Internet developed in the early years.

So yes, the metaverse won’t just be popular, it will likely be a necessity for many.

How could online casino gambling change in the Metaverse?

We’ve already touched on this briefly. Imagine being able to play in an online poker event, where you can view your opponents at the table, even down to the facial expressions that they have, the chips they possess and their body language.

Imagine being able to view a sports event from a position in the crowd, where you can tune in as if you were there and see the horses and hear the atmosphere all around you, as well as placing bets with real bookmakers with real cash and receiving real cash back if you win.

Then think about an online casino where you connect as if you were in the real world, such as in Las Vegas, where you can see the neon lights, hear the machines, see other players playing games and sit down at any game that takes your fancy to engage in a spot of slot games, blackjack, video poker or similar.

Imagine playing online games using cryptocurrency where you can not just play against the casino, but against other players.

The only limit to how gambling sites can operate in the metaverse are the legal limitations and the imagination of what the designers of the software can produce and that is a very exciting prospect for customers at any online casino or sports betting site.

How far away are we from a genuine Metaverse?

Now you may think that this all sounds fantastic but that we are many, many years away from aPokerStars Time to Act metaverse.

You’d be wrong.

Recent estimates suggest that within a decade, we could have at least one, if not several ‘metaverses’ up and running. Tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft and Google are already laying the foundations for this, and hardware manufacturers are gearing up likewise.

Given the meteoric rise of esports, it is not unreasonable to think that when the first metaverse takes shape in any meaningful context, the uptake will be huge.

And it will revolutionise how we access every part of our online world.


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