Hitting Vegas Or Atlantic City Then Learn The Lingo Of The Casino! Part 2

You may remember that earlier on this week, we took a look at someone moving from playing at an online casino, such as Chumba Casino, and moving into the bricks and mortar casinos that you’ll find in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau and many other places around the world.

In that article, we looked at some of the more unusual lingo used in casinos that you may not have become too familiar with when playing online, and in part one of that article, we focused on the letters from A through to M.

Now in this second part of the article, we are going to continue our rundown by looking at lingo starting with the letters N through to Z.

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There’s lots of good reasons to become familiar with casino lingo. First, it will make you look and sound like a seasoned casino veteran if you know what people are talking about and can converse with them using the terms outlined here.

After all, you don’t want anybody marking you down as a Fish! (and if you don’t know what a Fish is, then check out Part One of our article!)

So whether you are looking for action a the Automat, or want to spend bigger in the carpet joints, perhaps coat tailing a lucky punter, making dime bets at a time, you don’t want to see the dealer collecting too much of your dirty money or otherwise you’ll be down to the felt in no time.

And if that didn’t make too much sense to you, then check out the first part of the article before continuing here!

Otherwise read on as we continue our run through of Casino Lingo starting this second part of the article on the letter N.

Casino Lingo – What Your Fellow Players And Dealers Are Talking About!

  • Net Winnings – A more common term, but a very important one. This is how much profit you have actually made from a trip to the casino, taking into account how much you have won, compared to how much you have spent in bets.
  • Nickel – A slang term used for a bet of $500 placed in a casino.
  • On Tilt – Perhaps my favorite phrase of all casino lingo. A player that is On Tilt is one that has lost their temper or become unusually emotional during a casino game, which often leads to them making rash decisions or even betting far too aggressively. Witnessing someone tilting in a casino can be scary sometimes, but other times it is just downright funny, especially at the poker or blackjack table.
  • Overlay – a term used to describe a bet at the casino where the player has a slight (and it is only very slight) advantage.
  • Pigeon – A term you don’t want to hear used about yourself. It refers to a casino player that doesn’t really know much about the games.
  • Pips – This can refer to two separate things depending on which context it is used in. On a dice game, such as craps, it can refer to the spots on the dice. However, it can also be used as a slang term for the four symbols used in a deck of cards, space, hearts, diamonds and clubs.
  • Pit – The part of the casino where the table games are grouped and where the casino employees that run the games work their magic.

  • Pit Boss – The chap or lady in charge of the employees working in the Pit.
  • Ploppy – Another of my favorite terms. A ploppy player is one that is playing to a poor strategy in a particular game, however they believe themselves qualified enough to offer other players at the table plenty of advice on how to play.
  • Press A Bet – When you add additional funds to your next bet after you have landed a winning bet. This is a popular strategy with many casino regulars.
  • Rack – The container that is used to count and also move high value chips and tokens around the casino.
  • Railbird – Watch out for a railbird at casinos. They are people that hang around at casino tables but don’t actively play the game. That person’s intention may be harmless, but at other times, they could be looking for your attention to be distracted so they can steal chips from unsuspecting players.
  • Rated – If you are rated then that means the casino has looked at your pattern of play, how much you spend at the casino and how skillful you are, combined with your bankroll. Your rating then determines the level of comps that a casino may offer you. Obviously, the better you are rated, the greater the value of comps that will come your way.
  • Rathole – A player that stows away chips during a game, to give the impression that they are not winning as much at the table as they actually are.
  • Sawbuck – A $10 bet.
  • Sawdust Joint – The opposite of a Carpet Joint, these are the cheaper, less salubrious casinos that offer lower betting minimums that allow people to play games more cheaply.
  • Scamdipper – A casino player that makes ridiculous claims about their win percentages and what to expect when playing certain types of casino games.
  • Shill – This is a term for an employee of a casino that pretends to be a regular customer and who plays the games in order to drum up more custom for the casino.
  • Single (or Straight Up) – A bet on a single number, such as betting on the number 7 in a game of roulette.
  • Skin – A term used to describe a single dollar bet. This can also be called a Skoon.
  • Spinner – A winning session a the casino.
  • Tapping Out – A term used to describe a player that has lost all their chips.
  • Toke – The chip or tip that you give to a dealer or casino employee for their service.
  • Tom – A term used by casino staff for someone who does not tip, the opposite of a George.
  • VLT – An acronym for Video Lottery Terminal.
  • Whale – A player with a large bankroll who makes very large bets at casinos. These players are the ones that casinos really want to attract and will often give the biggest value comps too.
  • White Meat – The profit you make from gambling at a casino.

So that covers our A-Z of casino lingo! I hope you have enjoyed taking a short trip through some of the terms used in casinos and that you can use them on your next trip to a bricks and mortar casino!


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