Hidden Feature on Barcrest’s Line Up Fruit Machine

UK slot players will have access to a type of slot machine collectively known as Fruit Machines, and those types of slots are also legally classed as AWP machines, which stands for Amusement with Prizes.

What makes them different to casino styled slots is their unique design, on which as you play them you are going to be awarded with a plethora of different bonus features and bonus games, that is the amusement aspect of the slots whilst the prizes part of their description are usually quite low, so are the stakes these fruit machines can be played for.

However, what makes these types of slot machines appealing for experienced players is that they often come with hidden features, or even programming errors that an experienced player is likely to stumble upon as they become more and more used to playing them.

Take for example one of the most popular Barcrest designed slots of all time that being the Line Up fruit machine. This slot features a special feature type trail on which when you spin in numbers that have been superimposed onto the reel symbols you move remove the corresponding number of positions up the bonus trail.

The aim is of course to make it onto one of the cash paying locations on that feature trail or to land on one of the nudge feature awarding positions. However, this fruit machine did have a hidden feature, and whilst we are not sure whether it was programmed into the slot on purpose or was an accidental programming error it was one a lot of players did become aware of.

The way in which players could take advantage of that, we shall call it a hidden feature, was to play the slot by inserting just one coin at a time so that they didn’t have more than one credit on the machine at any one time, and then work their way up the feature trail.

It should be pointed out that as you work your way up that feature trail you could stay on the current position you landed on and carry on getting higher up the trail if the “Feature Held” light illuminated for the next spin.

To exploit this hidden feature as soon as a player made it up the feature trail, and the numbers currently displayed on the reels from a previous spin add up to enough positions on the feature trail to make it to the highest position, that being the one that awards the jackpot, the player would then wait until the machine goes into its attract mode before playing it any further.

The attract mode of a fruit machine is when the machine has no credits in it and the lights on the slot machine start to flash to attract potential players. As soon as the attract mode lights started to flash on any one of the coin payouts or the nudge awards on the trail as part of its attract mode a player would then quickly insert their coin, and the feature trail could then illuminate on the jackpot payout and the Feature Held light could illuminate at the same time.

When that happened, no matter what the player spun in on the reels on their next spin they would be guaranteed of winning the jackpot via the feature trail!


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