Handy Hints And Tips To Help You Become A Roulette Wizard!

Think of a casino game! Now I bet a lot of you have gone for one of the simplest, yet most beguiling games you can play at any online or real world casino, the game of Roulette!

So whether you are walking through the doors of the Borgata Casino in Las Vegas, or whether you are heading on over to the BetRivers Casino online, you know that in amongst the myriad of slot games, other card games, video poker and more, that roulette will certainly be available for you to play.

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While roulette is very easy to pick up and play, there are some handy little hints you can learn which can help you when you are playing the game. Now while these hints are not universal, they may not be applicable across every version of roulette, they are generally applicable to the vast majority.

So what are they? That’s kind of you to ask! So in order to give you the answers you need, we have put together a little factfile of some titbits of information about the game of roulette that will help you whether playing online or in the real world.

So let’s begin at the very beginning, with the type of roulette game that you should play.

Roulette Factfile

  • Two Different Types Of Roulette Game – Did you know that there are many differentdouble points at PlaySugarHouse versions of roulette available now, but they usually break down into one of two types of game. The American (or Vegas) roulette and the French (or European) version of roulette. Although both games look the same, the American version has an extra double zero green section on the reel. This alters the RTP value to players and means that to keep the odds in your favor, the French or European versions of the game offer player slightly better odds of a win.
  • Your Bankroll Can Last Longer With Roulette! As all casino games have a slight house edge, this means that the longer you play ANY game, the more likely it is the casino will win money from you. However, as roulette is a much slower-paced game than many other casino attractions, such as slot, while still offering some of the best player-friendly bets in the casino, it does mean that it can be a bankroll friendly game if played responsibly.
  • The Layout – The place where you play your bets in roulette is called the ‘layout’ and there are essentially two types, the standard layout, which is the one that most people in the US are familiar with, and the racetrack layout. In some games, you can place bets on either layout on the same spin, or switch between them to the layout you prefer.
  • Finding The Lower Odds Bets – When you look at the standard layout, it is easy to know where the lower odds bets are on it. All the lower odds bets, those that pay even money or 2/1 or similar are located on the outside of the layout. The much longer odds bets, such as backing a single number, or two numbers, tend to be on the inside of the layout. So as a general rule of thumb, the closer your bet is to the outside of the layout, the more chance it has of winning.
  • The Five Number Bet And Why You Should Avoid It – There is a worst bet at the table for players. In American roulette, on average, if you bet $100 per spin, the net loss per spin, when factoring in the house edge is around $5.26 for almost every bet. However, the five number bet on 0,00, 1, 2 or 3 has an average loss of $7.89 per spin (for a $100 bet), which means that it is by far the worst value bet at the table.
  • The Number Of The Beast! – If you add together all the numbers on an American or European roulette wheel, then these will both add up to 666! This does mean some superstitious or overly religious people will avoid the game due to the connotations with the Number of the Beast as stated in the Book of Revelations. There is also a name for a fear of this number hexakosiohexekontahexaphobia. Roulette is sometimes referred to as ‘the devil’s game’ as a result of this mathematical curiosity.
  • In A Real World Casino, Roulette Chips Are Different To Other Chips – While not the case in online versions of the game, if you play roulette at a real world casino then you have to buy your chips directly from the dealer, rather than at the cashier. This is because roulette chips are color-coded for each player at the table so the dealer can easily see which player is to be paid out when they land a win.
  • In The Old West, There Was A Symbol On The Reel Players Could Not Bet On – Back in the 1800s, when roulette was played in the Old West. Roulette wheels not only had a 0 and 00 section but also an American Eagle section. In these early games, the 0, 00 and American Eagle sections could not be bet on and if the ball landed in one of these sections after a spin, the house would collect all the bets made on that spin.
  • Roulette Meaning – The literal meaning of Roulette comes from French and translates as ‘little wheel’.
  • Record For Hitting The Same Number Consecutively? – How likely is it you will see the croupier spin the wheel and see the same number be landed consecutively? Your chances of hitting any number twice in a row is 1 in 38 x 1 in 38 is around 1 in 1,444. However at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas, the number 19 once hit SEVEN times consecutively. A conservative estimate of how likely that is is around one in three billion.
  • What Number Is Played Most Often In Roulette – Research shows that rather than lucky 7, it is the number 17 that is played most often in Roulette, often due to its central place on the layout. It was also the number that Ian Fleming’s spy James Bond used to bet on.
  • Roulette Terminology – the name for the plastic separators between the numbers on the reels are called ‘frets’. Similarly, the item the dealer uses to mark the winning number following a spin is known as a ‘dolly’.

Roulette is such a fun game with an interesting and detailed history. It offers the chance to engage with a little simple mathematics and a lot of fun to ensure that you can enjoy your gaming! So why not get spinning and see for yourself today, now that you know all these great roulette facts!


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