What Is The >100% Payback In Past Hour Feature At PlaySugarHouse Casino?

It always pays to have a good look around an online casino, just as you would a real-world casino. You would not wander in off the street to a casino in Las Vegas, find the very first game and start playing.

Instead, you would have a wander round, take in the ambiance and see what games are available to play before deciding which games to bet your money on.

An online casino is no different in many respects and a quick wander around the different aspects of the site can often turn up some very useful little features or games to play that you may have not been aware of.

At the PlaySugarHouse Casino site there is just one such feature available in the Filters section of the site. Here you can filter the game selection available by a number of default options.

  • All Game Types
  • New Games
  • Progressive Games
  • Slots
  • Table and Card Games
  • Blackjack
  • Video Poker
  • >100% Payback In Past Hour
  • Most Popular in Past 30 Days

Now while almost every one of these filters is self-explanatory, what does the >100% Payback In Past Hour filter mean?

Explaining The >100% Payback In The Past Hour Filter

When you click on this filter you will see the games at PlaySugarHouse Casino organised into a different style and at the foot of each game, you will see a blue box which will state a percentage figure and payback.

  • What does this figure actually mean?

Well, what it means is that for the past 60 minutes period, the slot shown has taken in 100% of the money wagered on the slot, but it has also paid out more than the amount of money it has taken in. This amount is shown as a percentage figure.

For example, most slot games are devised so that over their lifespan, for all the stakes the game has wagered on it, around 92-95% of that stake money taken is paid back in winnings to players.

Now of course, slot games do not pay out 92-95% of their stakes made to players uniformly. Sometimes, there will be long periods where the slot does not pay out much at all and players do not win much. Other times, the slot will pay out much more than 92-95% of the money wagered on it.

It is these slots that you see listed in the >100% Payback In The Past Hour filter on the site.

What the percentage actually means is best shown in an example.

  • Let’s say for example the Butterfly 2 Staxx slot game is showing a figure of 101% payback for the past hour at PlaySugarHouse Casino.
  • This means that if $100 had been wagered on this slot by all players in the last hour, then the slot would have paid out $101 in winnings.
  • So, it follows that if the payback percentage was 350%, that means that if the slot took $100 in the past hour from all players, it would have paid out $350 in winnings.

Of course, you can scale these figures up for more realistic amounts of money wagered on popular slot games in an hour. We only used $100 to keep things easy to follow for the example.

So Does The Payback Figure Mean I Will Win When I Play This Slot?

It is tempting to think that a slot paying out much more money than it takes in means that you are definitely going to win money if you play that game, but unfortunately that is not the case. You may get lucky and win money, but you may also find that the slot game is not quite so generous with you.

Remember, slot games are games of random chance and crucially, past performance of a slot is no guarantee that it will continue to pay out generously in the future, even the very near future.

What you CAN say is that the slots with the highest percentage rating are those that have been what is often termed as ‘hot’ in the last hour or so and have been more rewarding for players. Some people prefer to play these types of slot games. Some believe, erroneously, that playing slot games when they are ‘hot’ offers them a better chance of winning.

So unfortunately, if a slot is advertising a 685% payback in the last hour, that doesn’t mean for every dollar you spend on the game, you will win $6.85 back.

What it means is that for the past hour, that slot has paid out considerably more than it has taken in.

However, even with this information you need to be careful as there are other things you need to consider.

What Else Should You Consider With The Payback Figure?

Percentage figures for the payback amount on some slot games can appear very high, but there are some things you need to remember regarding these figures:

You don’t know how many spins were played on the slot, or how much money was wagered on the game.

Without this information, you have no idea of how many players played the slot and whether you are looking at results for 10 spins, 100 spins, 1000 spins or 10,000 spins or more.

Furthermore, games that are less popular can skew these figures somewhat.

if one slot had just 100 spins played on it, but one lucky player landed a $500 jackpot prize in those spins and the slot paid out another $25 in prizes, that would be a 525% payout percentage.

Alternatively, a very popular game that has say 10,000 spins played on it in the last hour by hundreds of players and which takes in $10,000 but pays out $12,000 would only have a 120% payout percentage, but that figure takes in many more spins and much more money and shows the slot has paid out actually $1,500 more in prizes.

Yet going on the payout percentage figure alone, it would appear the first game is much more beneficial to players, but this may not be the case when you know the full picture.

The >100% Payback In The Past Hour filter is best used as a guide to which games have been the most generous to players in the recent past. It is a guide only, not a tool which can be used to identify games that will see you earn a profit.

However, it is still a very useful guide for players that want to play games that have been paying out big money very recently, even if that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a win yourself!


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