Avoid These Dollar Draining Mistakes At Online Casinos

Online casinos can be great fun when you gamble at them responsibly. However, there can beIsai Scheinberg Interview Stirs Emotions - Online Poker times when players make some basic mistakes that can cost them cash. Sometimes these mistakes are entirely avoidable and are not down to a player being irresponsible.

It may simply be the case that the player wasn’t aware of something, such as that the particular game they were playing or bet they were making, has a particularly high house edge. Or that they were not aware that the casino had a specific bonus offer they could have used.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the most common basic mistakes people make when joining an online casino and playing. These mistakes can (and often do) end up costing them money when they play.

So, if you want to avoid being the fish at the poker table, the clot on the slots or the prat at baccarat, then this is the article for you!

Let’s begin with the first mistake people make when joining a casino and it starts even before they have played their first game.

  1. Not Taking A Casino Starter Bonus

One of the biggest perks you are ever going to receive from an online casino comes in the form of your starter bonus. So to sign up to a casino and not activate the bonus, or to turn it down, is generally not the brightest move.

I do confess that there are times when turning down a starter bonus can be the wiser move. However, this tends to be the exception rather than the rule. For example, if you are a high roller and want to deposit and withdraw larger amounts, then the wagering requirement on a bonus can make accessing those funds more difficult.

However, if you are a standard casino player looking for good value online casino gaming, then the starter bonus at the casino is not just a welcome offer, it is likely going to be the best offer you get at the casino. Period.

As such, unless you know for certain that a starter bonus won’t work out for you, you should always take the bonus on offer.

  1. Picking The Wrong Casino Bonus

So, we’re going to grab a welcome bonus when we sign up at an online casino. Great stuff! NowGlobal Poker you need to make sure that the offer you pick is the right offer for you.

Now, this is not a case of simply finding a casino with the biggest starter offer and joining that casino. There are a lot more subtle factors at work here that will decide what the best casino option is for you than the headline amount.

First off, is there any value in joining a casino that offers a 50% Welcome Bonus of up to $4,000 over a casino bonus that offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to $500?

Let’s say you are a regular player and want to deposit $100 into your account. With the first bonus, despite being drawn by that $4,000 figure, you will only realise $50 in bonuses with your first deposit. However, with the second welcome bonus, your $100 deposit will earn you a $100 bonus.

Alternatively, if you had $2,000 to deposit, then the first offer makes more sense as with that offer, you could deposit $2,000 to get a $1,000 matched deposit bonus, whereas with the second offer, you would only get a maximum of $500 as a deposit bonus.

It is not only the percentage and maximum bonus available of any deposit offers you need to look at, the wagering requirement for the offer is also key.

You ideally want an offer with as low a wagering requirement as possible, or even no wagering requirement (although these are extraordinarily rare). The wagering requirement is how much money you need to spend before you can withdraw your deposit and bonus funds.

If you join a casino that has a 40x wagering requirement on your deposit and bonus, and you deposit $50 and receive a $50 bonus, then that means you need to spend $4,000 in bets before you can withdraw any of that cash. A 20x wagering requirement is still $2,000 but a 5x wagering requirement is a more accessible $500.

In truth, you will likely play through your deposit and bonus before you reach the wagering requirement and that is fine. You still enjoyed playing using that cash. However, it can be frustrating if you land a decent sized win, but then cannot access it due to a sizeable wagering requirement in place.

  1. Only Playing The Games Or Bets That Have A Higher House Edge

The house edge is what advantage the house has over the player when it comes to certainRaising Range on a paired board games and bets at a casino. You may think that all games are skewed in favor of the casino by the same amount. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While there is a degree of variation between the same types of games (not all slots have the same house edge, for example), it is generally accepted that some games offer players a better chance of winning more often than others.

These games are those with the lower house edge and they tend to be games like Blackjack and Video Poker. You can even lower the house edge still further by learning the strategies involved in these games to turn the odds more in your favor.

That doesn’t mean you will win, each game still has an edge in favor of the casino, but it can mean that in the long term, you will lose less often.

Some casino games or bets have a high house edge and many professional gamblers will avoid these games. Keno is a good example of this, with a house edge in some games of around 30%.

To put that into perspective, most slots have a house edge of around 3.5% to 7%, although progressive jackpot slot games tend to be higher.

  1. Chasing Your Losses

The biggest no-no for any new gambler. Always play with money you can afford to lose and if

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you do lose it, call it a day and come back when you next have money available to spend at the casino.

Thinking your bad run of luck ‘must turn’ is an example of a gambler’s fallacy. The odds are against that happening whatever game you play as that is how the games are designed. They don’t know you have had a rotten run of luck and no twist of fate will guarantee to change that.

  1. Not Managing Your Bankroll

Have you ever wondered how the best casino players know exactly how much money they have and how much to spend on their gaming? That is because they have become excellent bankroll managers and that is a skill that all new players should learn.

Getting into the habit of depositing $50 and then playing until it is all gone, is setting you up to fail. It is important to know when to quit playing, as it is when to continue. In fact, some would say it is more important to know when to stop playing.

Nurturing your bankroll does require luck in respect of winnings from games, but it also requires sound judgement from you. So making sure you keep your bankroll in check is a great skill to learn as quickly as you can when signing up to a casino.


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