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Five Despicable Online Casino Scams And How You Can Avoid Them

We love our casino partners at But that’s because we know that they are 100% legit. However, there are a small minority of individuals and organisations out there that do not adhere to responsible, fair and safe gaming. They are simply out to fool casino games fans into signing up with their site to exploit them in any way they can.

Thankfully, better safeguards against this have come out over time and it is pretty easy to avoid any of the issues we list below (we’ll explain how later in the article). But for now, let’s look at five types of scam you could face if you fall victim to these criminals that persuade you to sign up at a dodgy online casino.

Scam 1 – Theft Of Your deposit

Perhaps the most common form of online casino scam is simply the theft of your deposit when you sign up and deposit with what you think is a great online casino.

This is a simple fraud; the casino itself may not even exist even though it may look like an official website. The scammers aim is simply to get you to register your card or bank details, make a deposit into your account and then when that has been made, cut you out of the casino or freeze your account to get their hands on your cash!

They will then put every conceivable obstacle in your way to try and stop you activating it. Sometimes, more conniving scammers will offer a player that has made several small deposits a huge deposit bonus for a much larger deposit, and then lock the player out once that deposit has been made.

This sounds all very worrying, but as you will see, there are simple steps you can take to easily avoid this type of online casino scam.

Scam 2 – Stealing Your ID And Personal Info

Up to 2017, online thieves have stolen $107 billion from people via online fraud. Now, only a very small percentage of that has come from online casino scammers, but it can still happen.

These casinos exist solely to harvest as much data from you as possible. They may use that data themselves for various nefarious means, or they can sell that data on the black market to criminals.

This type of scam can be tricky to detect as these casinos can seem to be legitimate. You can play games at this site, win cash on them and even use promotions and offers. Others may freeze your account after a while and ask you to upload proof of identity documents, just as legitimate casinos will do.

This all sounds very worrying, but don’t worry as there is a very easy way to ensure that you don’t fall victim to this particular type of scam so that your data stays as secure as possible with a reputable online casino. Well come to that later in the article.

Scam 3 – Rigged Games At Disreputable Provider

Some scammers just want as much money from you as possible and one way to do that is ensure that Bet365 Games slotsany money you deposit in your account, plus any ‘bonus’ you may earn from them, goes straight into their pockets at no risk to themselves. One way to do this is to offer rigged games to customers.

Genuine online slots have a RTP (Return to Player Percentage) which indicates roughly over the games lifetime how much of the money the slot takes in, will be returned to players in winnings. This is often anywhere between 88% and 96%.

Rigged slot games are designed so that the player either loses all the time, or frequently enough to tempt them to play for as long as possible until their funds are exhausted.

Fortunately, these games are not as prevalent as they once were, but it is always wise to stay away from any game that seems ‘too good to be true”.

Scam 4 – Non-Payment of Legitimate Winnings

Back in the early days of Internet gaming, many casinos sprung up offering big money prizes, but the problem was that often these casinos did not have the funds, or even the intentions to pay out any big money winners.

So while small wins would be honoured to keep the legitimacy of the casino appearing real, when a player landed a big money win, the online casino would refuse to pay out. Often citing spurious and confusing reasons as to why the player would not receive their win.

This particular issue is now far less prevalent, especially in countries which have strong licensing and regulatory laws concerning casino gaming.

Scam 5 – Malware

Perhaps the most concerning of all types of online casino scams, and not just an issue for online casino users to be aware of. Downloading any file you are not 100% sure about from an online source puts you at risk of malware.

Malware can range from simply being annoying, making your device run more slowly for example, to being very concerning, such as in the case of ransomware.

This nasty form of piracy will see your device locked and a message appear asking you to pay a large sum of cash to rid your device of the malware. Often, the payment needs to be made in untraceable Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.

Ransomware has hit major companies over the years but as with all of the scams listed above, there is a very easy way to avoid them.

How Can I Avoid All These Online Casino Scams?

Those scams sound scary, so how can you avoid them if you want to join an online casino? Fortunately, that is the easy part; simply stick with trusted online casinos that have been rated, reviewed, licensed and regulated in the country you are playing from. For example, in the US, any of our partner casinos are a fantastic choice for safe and fair online casino gaming.

To help you avoid these scams still further, always remember the following:

  • Never join any casino that is not regulated or licensed in your country of residence.
  • Never download anything you are not 100% sure is from a trusted source.
  • Research what other players and reviewers have said about a casino. The more sources you can find that confirm they are genuine and trustworthy, the more likely they will be.
  • Stick to the big names in the casino gaming industry.
  • Only use official apps or downloads, not third-party offerings.
  • Research the casino you intend to join. Check their licensing credentials, where they are regulated. Be wary of any casino regulated offshore, especially if they have only just appeared on the scene.
  • Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

The great thing to note is that with far better regulation and licensing and far greater security measures in place, online casino scammers are finding it more and more difficult to operate. Some still get through the net though, but follow the advice in this guide and you should remain safe to enjoy online casino gaming for many years to come!


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