You’ve Got Mail (And An Exclusive Subscriber Offer)

A Wednesday in the middle of January? Can it get any humpier than that? It’s the month that everyone in the world universally wants to just finish. And it’s a week where we feel like it’s stretched on for longer than possible already and it’s only, as we said, Wednesday.


But listen, all is not lost. You should still find something to get excited about this Wednesday. And to brighten up your day, we’ve got just the thing.

An exclusive offer that will find its way directly to your inbox

Watch Email Wednesday at PA iLottery

Okay, we’re going to say it first. This is probably the worst title for a promotion in the history of online gaming. And we’ve heard of a few. It kind of makes you not want to figure out what the promotion is about because the title is so boring.

But this is actually a brilliant promotion that you should be excited to take part in. Trust us.

Watch Email Wednesday is all about getting an exclusive offer sent straight to your inbox. It’s only open to subscribers to the PA iLottery email list and the promotion in question is always a juicy one.

What do I have to do to qualify for Watch Email Wednesday promotions?

Like we said before, the only thing you need to do to qualify for Watch Email Wednesday is subscribe to the email list.

In order to qualify for today’s deal, you have to subscribe before 05:00 ET today. If you’ve already missed that deadline, you should still sign up so you can see what’s in store next week.

You can make sure you’re signed up by going to Contact Preferences in My Account. And if you’re still not sure about something, or just want to double-check, get on to the PA iLottery Player Services team.

What kind of promotions can I expect with Watch Email Wednesday?

There are a tonne of different promotions up for grabs as part of Watch Email Wednesday. In the past few months, we’ve spotted a deal where you get $5 free bonus money to spend as you please.

There have also been lots of deposit bonuses, ranging from 10% right up to 100%. And there are also cashback promotions on some of the site’s most popular games, including 50% cashback on the ludicrously fun Monster Wins.

What should I do when I’m waiting for my offer email to come through?

Here are just some of the things you can do when you’re waiting for your Watch Email Wednesday offer:

  • Do some hoovering
  • Prep your vegetables for dinner this evening
  • Have a cup of tea
  • Watch an episode of Mad Men
  • Neatly fold your underwear
  • Play some of the games on PA iLottery to get yourself in the mood for your offer

Or alternatively just go about your daily life and check your phone every hour or so to see if the email comes through. Watch Email Wednesday need not take up your entire Wednesday. But it is a good promotion, all the same.

Fancy signing up to PA iLottery? Use this link to get $5 free play and a 100% Deposit Bonus. How’s that for a welcome offer?

Pennsylvania iLottery players must be physically within the borders of Pennsylvania to play on the site. They also must be at least 18 years of age to sign up and play. Other terms and conditions may apply.


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