The New Cluster Pays Playing Structure

Quite a number of slot machine designers have been dreaming up new and never seen before playing structures and attaching them to some of the most recent slot game releases. As such you are going to come across some slots that have a Cluster Pays type of playing structure, and may be blissfully unaware of how those slots pay and play!

With that in mind let us give you a quick run through as to how these new slot machines do award their winning payouts, for we think those slot players out there who are looking for a brand new way to play slots are going to find this new playing structure both cost effective and to their liking too!

One slot that does have this rather unusual playing structure on offer is the NetEnt designed Aloha Cluster Pays slot, and when playing that slot you are required to wager at the very least 10 coins per spin or an increment of 10 coins to have that playing structure in live play.

Once you send the reels of that slot spinning, what you will be hoping happens is that once the reels stop spinning you get a cluster of at least nine matching reel symbols spinning in either horizontally or vertically to one another.

If you do so then the more symbols you get forming a cluster then the bigger and better the value of your winning payouts will be. However, one thing to keep in mind when playing this slot is that it does not have the standard five video reels but six of them, and there are five in view reel positions that will spin in on each of those reels once the reels have come to a stop.

You will probably be best advised to take a quick look at the pay table of the Aloha Cluster Pays slot or any other slot machines offering a Cluster Pays playing format. For by doing so you will find out just how much you stand to win depending on just how many matching reel symbols you do spin in via a Cluster-like formation.

In regards to a bonus feature on offer on the Aloha Cluster Pays slot, it comes with something known as a Sticky Win feature, which is randomly activated whenever you have formed when a winning combination is spun in.

How that bonus game will then play off is by holding and locking into place all of the reel symbols that did form a winning combination and the remaining reel symbols will be re-spun.

The aim of the bonus game will be to increase the number of symbols that formed the winning Cluster Pays formation, for if you manage to do so the un-matching reel symbols will then be re-spun until such a time that you do not increase the size of the Cluster Pays winning combination.

With a certified and published payout percentage of 96.42% this slot is certainly one worth adding to you list of NetEnt designed slots to pay!


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