Play Casino Games For Free Using Chumba Casino Sweeps Coins

Plenty of casinos offer customers the chance to enjoy a few free spins now and then, heck some even offer you free play when you sign up to play at the casino. However, at Chumba Casino, you can play for free whenever you like thanks to the site’s innovative Sweeps Coins system.

With players accepted across 49 states (only Washington State is not included) as well as all players in Canada bar those in Quebec, this is an offer that is open to almost everybody in North America.

So how do Sweeps Coins work? How are they different to the Gold Coins that are also available on the site? And more importantly, how can you use them to play for free at Chumba Casino?

3M Gold Coins + 30 Bonus Sweeps Coins for $10
Bonus 2 Sweeps Coins Free On SignupChumba Casino Review
  1. US Players Accepted
  2. 2,000,000 Gold Coins Free on Sign up
  3. Play Slots and Table Games
  4. Sweeps Coins Winnings Redeemable for Cash Prizes

No Purchase Necessary. Void where prohibited by law. See T&Cs. 18+. Offer only applied once account is verified.

Gold Coins & Sweeps Coins

When you sign up at Chumba Casino, you are asked to create your account and when you do you will receive:

  • 2,000,000 Gold Coins
  • 2 Sweeps Coins

Gold Coins can be used by customers to play games. You can play all the available games at the casino for free and when you do, you will receive Gold Coins back when you land any type of win. Gold Coins though are not redeemable for cash prizes.

Essentially, Gold Coins are your currency to use if you are only interested in completely free to play casino gaming at Chumba Casino.

However, Sweeps Coins are slightly different. When you open your account with Chumba Casino, without making a deposit, you will receive 2 Sweeps Coins.

You can also receive Sweeps Coins in two other ways. First, you can send an email to Chumba Casino requesting free Sweeps Coins (a limited amount of them are provided for free).

The other option is to make a deposit into your account of at least $10. This will see you receive 30 Sweeps Coins (plus a further 3,000,000 Gold Coins).

The big difference between Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins is that when you play using Sweeps Coins, anything you win on a game at the casino that earns you a prize, will allow you to covert that prize into a real cash prize.

You do need to be verified as a member of Chumba Casino to redeem your Sweeps Coins for cash prizes. Photo ID, a recent bank statement and proof of your address will be required by the casino to verify your details and allow you to access any cash prizes you earn.

Can I Just Redeem My Sweeps Coins Without Playing Games First?

No, Sweeps Coins have to be wagered at least once in order for them to be eligible to redeemed for cash prizes. So, you cannot simply take out the bonus, redeem the Sweeps Coins and then not play any games at the casino.

However, once your Sweeps Coins have been played on games at least once, any other coins they generate can be redeemed for cash prizes.

In addition, you need at least 100 Sweeps Coins in your account in order to be able to redeem them for a cash prize. So it can take a little while through your opening bonus Sweeps Coins play and requesting coins (without making a deposit) from Chumba Casino to earn enough for a cash pay-out.

However, this does offer you a chance to play for free, and still win cash prizes if you are lucky enough!

With a wide selection of casino games to pick from, including many different slot games (including progressive jackpot slots) as well as a selection of table games, if you want free gaming options, then Chumba Casino is an excellent choice.


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