Avoid These Common But Embarrassing Casino Welcome Bonus Mistakes

When we are writing articles about casino games and betting in general, we tend to assume that most people reading these articles are very familiar with how to bet and how welcome bonus offers work. Of course, that is not necessarily the case.

At one time or another, every casino player in the world headed into an online casino for the first time and perhaps wasn’t sure about how an aspect of the casino worked and one of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of joining a casino for new customers is the welcome bonus.

In this article, we are going to give you some common examples of how people misunderstand their casino bonus, and we’ll also give you the information you need so that you can avoid making a similar mistake when you sign up at a new casino.

So let’s begin right at the beginning by outlining what a welcome bonus is, and why casinos, sportsbook and poker sites will offer you these bonuses.

What Is A Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus is an incentive a casino, sportsbook or poker site (or similar) offers you in order to get you to sign up, deposit and play at their casino. That’s it. Nice and easy to understand!

However, where things become a little more complicated is in the types of Welcome Bonus offers available. There are many different types available, but they are generally split into two camps. Bonuses which do not require you to make a deposit, and those which do need a deposit to become active.

Within each of these categories there are different types of bonuses available depending on whether you are joining a poker room, casino or sportsbook and there are many differences from offer to offer in each of those different categories too.

It is because there is such a variety of, say, casino offers, that leads to confusion about offers as what you get from one casino offer will be different from what you get with another, even if the main aspects of the offer seem different. The same is true for poker and sports book offers.

What is important to remember with any welcome bonus is that it is something that is of benefit to the player, you just need to be sure as to how those benefits will apply to you and what you need to do in order to receive them.

Which brings us neatly onto the next point. Some of the common misunderstandings when it comes to sign up bonuses.

  1. I Received A Free $10 No Deposit Bonus When I Joined My Casino But I Can’t Withdraw It. Why?

This is a real novice mistake! Online casinos are generous, but they are not going to give away $10 to a new customer that they can withdraw and disappear with, without even trying anything at their casino.

As such, any deposit bonus (free or otherwise) must be used at the casino as stipulated in the terms and conditions of the offer. You may be limited in terms of what type of games you can play (or you may not) but again, all this information is contained in those terms and conditions (which you should always read through).

  1. I’ve Played Through My Bonus But I Can’t Withdraw My Funds, Why Is That?

This is perhaps the most common newbie mistake you can make at a casino. You may have received, lets say, a $20 matched deposit bonus when you signed up with your chosen casino. You may have played through that and won a bit of cash, so why can’t you withdraw it?

The reason many casinos won’t let you withdraw that cash won with your bonus is that your bonus and any winnings may have to meet a wagering requirement in order to be withdrawn. This can range from being 1x the amount received as a bonus, to more than 35x the total bonus and qualifying deposit, depending on the site you have signed up with.

For example, let’s say you join a site that offers a $10 No Deposit Bonus but that bonus has a 20x wagering requirement placed on it by the casino. This means that once the casino has credited you with the $10, you need to place wagers of 20x this amount ($200) for this deposit and any proceeds you win from it, in order to meet the wagering requirement.

If you do manage to make $200 worth of bets within the time limit set for the wagering requirement, then the balance will be converted to cash, which you can then withdraw. Sometimes there is a limit imposed on how much you can withdraw from an introductory offer too.

Most often, you will spend your entire bonus before you meet the wagering requirement, but that doesn’t matter as the bonus has not cost you anything more than any deposit you needed to make to receive it.

It is always a great idea to check the wagering requirements of any welcome bonus so you understand what you need to do to convert those funds into withdrawable cash.

  1. I’ve Signed Up And Received A Bonus, But I Can’t Find It In My Account, Why Is That?

Another common mistake newcomers to gambling sites make is thinking they have not received a bonus from their casino as it isn’t evident in their account immediately.

While many operators do place funds directly into your account upon successfully joining (and depositing) there are some who decided to drip feed you your bonus as you play on site. So when you make your initial deposit, that gains you the bonus, but it is your spending afterward that will see the bonus released.

Usually, the bonus is released in increments (say of $5 or $10) once you have spent so much at the site in bets. With these offers, you can also receive ‘free bets’ to the same value, as well as cash amounts.

So, if you have signed up and you don’t appear to have your bonus, it is worth checking if this is how your bonus will be paid to you as it is genuinely rare for a casino to miss giving a new customer the sign up bonus.

These three common mistakes new customers make when signing up at a casino can make you feel a little foolish when you don’t quite understand how things work. Hopefully, having read this article, you’ll be well equipped to understand exactly how your bonus works and how you will receive it.



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