Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions to Change

It would appear that if you are in the UK and are an avid online or mobile slot player then there are going to be some major changes in regards to the way bonus terms and conditions are written. That is due to current regulatory action being taken against some casino sites.

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority better known as the CMA has recently been set up to take action against any companies from any industry that has been or is acting in such a way that their customers are not getting a fair deal.

You will not need us to tell you when it comes to casino sites whether online or mobile sites, when it comes to claiming bonuses, you are often faced with a huge number of terms and conditions in regards to how you must claim and then use your bonus credits.

However, having been inundated with well in excess of 800 complaints so far regarding the unfair confiscation of bonus credits, winnings and in some cases players deposits, the CMA have taken a look at casino and gambling site bonuses in general and have determined punters are not getting a fair deal, and they intend to correct that situation.

What it appears that the Competition and Markets Authority are not too impressed with are the play through requirements attached to casino and other gambling site bonuses, for in their opinion having to keep on gambling before your bonus credits get turned into real money credits is not fair nor legal.

They are therefore taking action against a number of gambling sites that are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and will be demanding that they put right any player confiscations and will also be seeking some sort of financial punishment to be levelled on those gambling sites too.

Since online gaming started, casinos, poker sites and bingo sites as well as betting sites have always been in control of just how their bonus terms and conditions have been written, and to be fair most casino sites have some of the most outrageous terms and conditions attached to their bonus offers which in the case of casino bonuses often come with enormous and completely unfair play through requirements.

In the case of the CMA they will be looking for changes in regards to bonuses that will allow players to be able to stop playing at any time of the players choosing and be able to cash out their winnings or their deposited funds.

That will however put fear into many casino sites who tend to offer bonuses to keep their players sweet, for they are likely to find that by imposing say just a onetime play through requirement players are then going to be much more inclined to play through bonus funds once, cash out their winnings, if they made any, and then simply move onto another casino site and claim any new player or ongoing bonuses available at those sites too!

Any players who feel they have been ripped off by any casino or gambling sites in regards to the way they played off bonus credits are advised to contact the Competition and Markets Authority and lodge their complaint with them.


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