Best Way to Use Your Free Slot Play

As soon as you join a casino Players Club and have used your player’s card to accumulate points playing slot machines, you are going to be showered with all manner of additional extras to try and lute you into playing at that casino venue again.

Most casino resorts tend to offer one or more free nights accommodation to their loyal players, and many will also offer you free slot play that you can use when you visit that venue again. The value of your free slot play however will always be determined by the volume or wagers you have placed on any games on offer in a casino and also your status in the player club too.

When you have been given free slot play then you will only need to play through those credits once, and any and all winnings you achieve, small or large, will be yours to cash out and keep.

That does lead to the question just which slot machines you should play with your free slot play and also how you should play those slots to try and lock in as big a return as possible when playing off your no risk credits.

One way that many players will choose to use their slot play is in a high risk fashion, they will simply wander into the high limit slot area and play for some much higher than average stake levels in the hope that they manage to achieve a huge sized winning payout or trigger a high paying bonus game.

However, I have been awarded some fairly large amounts of free slot play over the last year or two and have found that one of the best ways of getting plenty of fun and excitement and some decent returns is by spreading my slot play around several different slots.

On a recent visit to Vegas I was credit with $400 of free slot play and decided that I would split it up in twenty equal amounts, that of course being $20 and would then play 20 different slots for a stake of $1.00 per spin. Having played off my slot play I ended up with $538, which was one of the best returns I have ever had with slot play!

That may be a system you may fancy adopting on any up and coming trip to a casino you are planning, just make sure though that you try and activate every single pay line on the slot machines you do decide to play as that way you will never miss out on any winning combinations spinning in, and that will also enable you to get the best chances of winning big if you do trigger a bonus game such as a set of free games or free spins.

Many casinos now let you earn comp points on your free slot play too, so if you do manage to recycle your slot play and the winnings achieved from it you will then be able to cash in your points for even more slot play!


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