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Steve is a prolific writer with a passion for all aspects of the gaming industry. He covers a wide variety of topics with a focus on the legal and legislative developments occurring in poker, gambling, and daily fantasy sports, as well as opining on the current zeitgeist in the poker and gaming industries. Steve's work has appeared in USA Today,, Bluff Magazine, Global Gaming Business Magazine, iGaming Business Magazine,,, and numerous other poker and gaming outlets. @SteveRuddock

What Motivates Recreational Poker Players?

Steve Ruddock
Despite the term’s blanket usage as an all-purpose way to describe non-professional poker players, recreational players actually come in all shapes and sizes. Labeling someone as a recreational player does little to explain much about the person other than the fact they’re not a professional player. It’s convenient, but it doesn’t tell you much about their style of play,...

Why The Best Poker Players Don’t Always Make The Most Money

Steve Ruddock
There is an interesting ongoing debate about the use of what I’ll call “game gatekeepers” taking place on the 2+2 poker forum. The debate centers around card rooms and certain players working in cahoots and using some unscrupulous methods to keep other players from getting a seat in certain games. The latest salvo was fired on Twitter by 2012...

Book Review: A Poker Player’s Guide to Mixed Games By Ken Lo

Steve Ruddock
Poker writer Ken Lo’s work has appeared in, and he runs his personal website, But his lasting contribution to the game of poker (at least up to this point) is the 691 page treatise on mixed game poker strategies he penned back in 2014: A Poker Player’s Guide to Mixed Games: Core Strategies for HORSE, Eight-Game, Ten-Game...

Hit and Run: Harry Reid Talks RAWA; Big One for One Drop Critiques; Pennsylvania Online Gambling

Steve Ruddock
Harry Reid won’t push for RAWA this year. Big One for One Drop a success or a failure? Pennsylvania and Michigan online gambling bills in play. And more. Harry Reid interview with Gambling Compliance In a rare non-paywalled column, Gambling Compliance’s Tony Batt relayed a recent interview he conducted with outgoing Senator Harry Reid (D-NV). According to Batt, Reid...

Hit and Run: partypoker Launches Twitch Channel; William Hill/Amaya Merger Update; Taj Mahal Could Reopen

Steve Ruddock
The Trump Taj Mahal may not be closed for long. What you need to know about the proposed William Hill and Amaya merger. partypoker launches Twitch channel. And more. William Hill and Amaya merger How big would the William Hill and Amaya merger be? According to reports the deal is valued at £4.5-£5 billion – which works out to...

A Quick Fix for the Poker Hall of Fame: Separate Players and Contributors

Steve Ruddock
Normally Twitter debates end with both sides sticking to their guns, digging in their heels, and agreeing to disagree – sometimes politely and sometimes not so politely. But every so often there’s a breakthrough, and just such a eureka moment occurred on Twitter when a debate that included, among others, Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson, Jesse May, and myself ended...

A Tale of Two Poker Worlds; Grinders vs. Nosebleed Cash Game Players

Steve Ruddock
A lot is made, and a lot of words are written, about the differences between recreational poker players and professional poker players, and how we make the game more appealing to recreational players vis-à-vis professional players. But throwing poker players into one of these two categories is far too simplistic for my liking – even though I do it...