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Sam’s Secret To Beating Soft Live PLO Games

Lorin Yelle
Sam epitomizes everything that we have come to hate about professional poker players. He is young, cocky, doesn’t give a damn about the value of his money, and sports longish curly hair and a ruthless beard that is somewhere between the hipster generation and the I-don’t-give-a-fuck generation. While I don’t think I’ve ever seen him drunk at the table,...

PokerGo: Not Enough Dead Money to Compensate for Live Tourney Coverage

Lorin Yelle
Released last month in May of 2017, PokerGo is the world’s first subscription based streaming service to offer poker-only content. PokerGo provides a reasonable viewing experience, yet is overpriced and doesn’t offer enough live poker tourney coverage to offset the limited and poor on demand offerings. The Price PokerGo charges $10 per month with the option of getting a...

Dan Bilzerian/Bill Perkins Multi-Accounting Stream Complicates the Rule

Lorin Yelle
As a rule, multi-accounting has always gotten mixed reactions from the poker community. Many players have engaged in it for a variety of reasons ranging from acquiring better bonuses or rakeback deals to getting action or gaining an edge granted by the anonymity. Some vocal players are outraged by the idea and consider it to be blatant cheating, particularly...

Megaraise Part II: The Reversal

Lorin Yelle
This strategy article is a follow-up to my first installment concerning what I call the “megaraise”. While there are likely too many syllables for this term for a modified version to ever take hold, it certainly serves a much needed purpose with regards to avoiding a negative scenario without ever making a mistake. Going forward, I’ll just call it...

Getting Acquainted With the Megaraise

Lorin Yelle
The following bit of advice will probably come as quite shocking to some people, as it contains no theoretical backing. In other words, you cannot measure the EV of this kind of play in a simulator such as CardrunnersEV. It is highly situational and only profits more than conventional plays by means of gross human error. In other words, you...

Tap Lightly on the Glass

Lorin Yelle
Conventional wisdom tells us that we should do everything we can to avoid educating the fish. This seemed simple enough to understand, and for the first six and a half years of my career I accepted it as gospel. If they don’t ever play any better, they can’t ever beat you, right? In an online session where you can...