Best Value Playoff Specials For This Week’s Divisional Round Games Plus A Bonus 3 Team Parlay At +299

Top Betting Picks For the NFL Divisional Round of the Playoffs

The Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs is here. Check out this three-team parlay at +299 as well as some high value picks for this weekend's games.

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NFL Coaching Carousel: Shouldn’t There Be A Designated Time For This?

2021 NFL Coaching Vacancies

It’s interesting -- and equally perplexing -- that some rules are in place to restrict player movement and yet, there are seemingly no rules when it comes to coach movement. As of last week,...

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Could Gonzaga Go Undefeated During March Madness To Claim National Championship?

Gonzaga Bulldogs are 14-0 on the season and some experts are tipping them to be National Champions without tasting defeat.

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