Both Our Futures Bets Are Still Alive; Here’s How To Hedge Them

Hedging NFL Playoff Bet

A previous futures bet is still alive from earlier in the NFL playoffs. Here is an example of how to hedge a bet that is currently in the green.

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NFL Replay: It’s Time To Stop The Silliness

NFL Targeting Rule

Targeting and fumbling through the end zone. An in-depth look at the controversial call during the Chiefs vs Browns Divisional Round game.

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What Happened During Michigan’s First Day Of Online Gambling Launch?

Michigan Online Casino and Online Sportbetting launch

The launch of Michigan online sports betting and online casinos was a success with nine operators going live on the day. A look at what happened during the day.

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The Weekend’s Top NBA Sports Betting Tips

By All-Pro Reels -, CC BY-SA 2.0,

There's plenty of great NBA action to enjoy from Friday to Sunday. We pick our top betting tips for three of the biggest matchups.

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